"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts." - Aristotle

ECMQG thanks everyone who volunteers to ensure modern quilting is represented throughout the greater Pensacola and Northwest Florida area. 

2017 Executive Board

President - Cindy M

I confess, I LOVE fabric which I share with the world on Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest.  I am seelifemarvels.  Most days you can find me one of three places - the beach (no explanation necessary), my car (I have kids), or my dining room table where I make a beautiful mess!  

Vice President - Wendi M

Hi!  I'm Wendi.  I'm a wife, mom of three, grandmother of four, and I've sewn as long as I can remember.  Some of my earliest memories are sewing handmade doll clothes with one grandmother and learning to machine sew at the other grandmother's treadle.  If I'm not visiting the grands or teaching middle school students literature, I'm probably practicing FABRIC THERAPY in my sewing room.  

I blog here or you can find me on Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest as prsd4tim2 because I'm always Too Pressed for Time.

Secretary - Roxie T

Treasurer - Bobbi M

Past President - Natalie V

Hi everyone! I found this group and the Modern Quilt movement three years ago and I haven't looked back! It has been such a fulfilling journey discovering my quilt aesthetic and style. I love taking quilting, design, and art classes. You never know who or what will inspire you! In fact while walking the other day, I took a photograph of the sidewalk where a seed pod had fallen from a tree. Ta da, the inspiration for my next quilt! You can follow me on Instagram @nurturecreations

Please contact any one of us at emeraldcoastmqg @ gmail . com with ideas, suggestions, and offers of help.