Block Lottery

Beginning in June of 2013 and motivated by our affiliation with the national MQG and increase in expenses, we thought this would be a terrific way to raise funds without directly passing on the increase.  (Thank you Seacoast MQG for the idea!)  

In the interim, we've learned how great it is for skill building, education, and stash busting!  It's also been a wonderful opportunity to receive an "insta-quilt" from your friends.

Participation is voluntary, and everyone who chooses to create with us, makes one (or more) of the featured block.  Entry into The Lottery is $1 per block.  The winner receives ALL of the blocks.  Occasionally, multiple winners are selected if the number of blocks received is large, or as with the Adore-la blocks from September 2016, negative space is a component of the design.  

The block size may vary from month-to-month, but will always be listed in the instructions, as is a chosen color palette or theme, and tutorial links. 

The rules are simple:
  • The Lottery is open to all ECMQG members in good standing.
  • Please use only quilt shop quality fabric (No big box fabric stores with the exception of designer lines). 
  • Please no batiks, civil war prints, or traditional fabrics
  • The aesthetic is ALWAYS MODERN.
  • Construct your block well; use 1/4" seam allowances.  
  • Blocks should be the correct size, within an eighth of an inch. 
  • Each block + $1 is an entry.  
  • There is no submission limit.  Enter as many as you'd like.
  • No IOU's for incomplete or forgotten blocks will be accepted.
  • Please contact a member of the Board with questions. 

May 2018 Strut

April 2018 3/4 Log Cabin Block

March 2018 Knee Socks Quilt Block

February 2018 Bits of Friendship

January 2018 Which Way?

November 2017 Six Flying Geese Heading North 

October 2017 Selvage Spiderwebs 

 September 2017 - Quarter Circle Blocks

July 2017 - Summer SpinOut

June 2017 - Fractured Curves

May 2017 - Hidden Gems

April 2017 - Wonky Flying Geese

March 2017 - Letha's Electric Fan

February 2017 - You've Got Mail!

January 2017 - 60° Triangles

November 2016 - Foldstar

July 2016 - Umbrella

June 2016 - Elaine's Susannah

May 2016 - Tidal Pool

April 2016 - 

February 2016  - Arrows

 January 2016  - Windows