The End of an Era

 Hello Modern Quilters!

Thank you for visiting our blog. Sadly, ECMQG is no longer meeting on a regular basis. Feel free to browse the blog, there are lots of great ideas, tips, and of course lots of great modern quilts to see.

There are several guilds in the local area. If you are looking specifically for a modern guild, The Pensacola Modern Quilt Guild meets monthly in Pensacola. There are also traditional guilds in the greater Okaloosa County area, The Flying Needles in Niceville, The Silver Threads in Fort Walton Beach, among others.

We wish you happy sewing!

Pineapple Quilt Block Workshop

Hello Modern Quilters!

Get ready for a fun workshop in November. Here's what you need =)

Photo credits: Missouri Star Quilt Co., Creative Grids, Olfa

 May 2021

It is so good to meet together in person! We brought our placemats we made with the different types of batting. This was very eye opening! The different lofts each had, what projects we would use the different types for etc. 

Block lottery brought us these amazing blocks! I know this one stretched my abilities and I'm grateful for it. I never would have attempted this on my own. 

And the winner! So most of us know I have never won BL. Well, today was the day. BUT! Before Natalie left, she gave me, Linda, her tickets and I won with hers. LOL

OK, Onto next months block lottery. Diane presented these blocks so we could choose which we wanted to do. Interesting idea! We all decided on the top right one. 

We had so many beautiful items for show and tell today! Diane had lots to share!!

A special quilt that Maureen presented for show and tell. Beautiful!!

I brought this one to present. Tee Shirt quilt that I made for a special graduate!

I fun project some of us are working on are these oven mitts. I love that the inserts can be any fabric we choose.

 February 2021 Meeting

So many good things coming up this year!!

We have a sit and sew at a coffee shop, baby quilts to make and donate, block lottery blocks to push us past what we think are our limits, a batting program to learn about the many types of batting and so much more.

There were some pretty cool door prizes this month.
Who cant use more fabric, patterns or cups!

The block lottery block for this month was fun! Nice and easy and beautiful colors.

Next months is a dresden style block. The center piece is quilters choice. This will certainly push me out of my comfort zone! lol

This is the color family for the block

We had some nice pieces for show and tell.

Maureen made this wonderful quilt. She told of how she used different colored threads for an extra quilting effect.

Diane made this beautiful color block quilt using hot pinks.

Laraine had a quilt she that she never finished until now. Love all the colors in it and way to go getting it done!

She also made a linen quilt and the one below using the quick curve ruler.

Loree made some cute hooded towels for her grands! This is such a great idea using a bath towel and a hand towel.



We started off with old and new business as usual. Some great ideas were thrown around like a sit and sew day. I know I could use a full day of sewing with the ladies. 

We had some beautiful fabric sets for door prizes.

This is our December block lottery block. The 4 patch heart block. Getting us ready for February. 💕

This is the January block. HST with Kona Snow. We will start with a 5 inch block in the orange/red family. Four pieces will equal $1.  Don't sew the four together.

Loree brought handmade mittens for our guild fundraiser. These are adorable!

Show and tell time!

The program presented by Natalie this month was a refresher course on modern quilting. We found some examples she had made from a past program and it was interesting to see that some we considered not to be modern back then, seem to be accepted as modern now. 

Next month's program with be using and Pineapple Trim Tool. Natalie will be our teacher so we are guaranteed to learn a lot!

Lots of good food as usual.

Loree showed us these adorable note cards that she had sewn fabric onto. I never would have thought of doing that!

 December Quilt Guild Meeting

Christmas Party Time! We started with old and new business.

Our newest member, Sally, presented the block lottery block for January. A cute 4 patch heart block!

We then had show and tell time. Quite impressive what everyone has  been up to! 

These blocks are adorable!!

We are going to learn how to make this traveling block keeper and I can't wait! 

We learned about One Common Thread quilt kits that help employ women. So cool!

More show and tell time

Loree made a beautiful Christmas box full of goodies for the raffle 

We also had a dirty Santa fabric swap. Boy was this fun! SO many beautiful fabrics were swapped. Mostly everyone behaved themselves. LOL

And of course we had to play Bingo!! It is becoming a tradition. Laughter, friends and fun!

Go Sally Go! 👆

Not sure why Natalie didn't like my kitty cat buttons. 😅

So many prizes and so much fun! The food was wonderful and we can't wait to do it all over again!

The End of an Era

 Hello Modern Quilters! Thank you for visiting our blog. Sadly, ECMQG is no longer meeting on a regular basis. Feel free to browse the blog,...