Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 2016 Minutes

The August meeting of the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild was held at its usual location on Saturday, August 13.  President Natalie called the meeting to order at 10:05.

We celebrated July and August birthdays with a Fat Quarter lollipop and a birthday song.

Cindy updated the group on our current charity projects.
  • Some members have made heart blocks for Quilts for Pulse to send to the Orlando MQG to make quilts for first responders and those affected by the Orlando shooting in June.  Blocks are due this week.  Quilts are due September 15.  Loree is collecting the blocks.  Our guild has blocks to send and several quilts in the works.
  • Drawstring bags for Ronald McDonald House is an ongoing project.  These will be due at the November meeting and will donated to RMHC before Christmas.  Guests at RMHC use these bags for everything from toys to toiletries, especially for the families going back and forth to visit patients in Children's Hospital.  Some members have asked if they must be children's prints - they are used by parents and children alike, so there is no fabric requirement except that it be modern quilt shop quality fabric.  We are using the lined drawstring bag tutorial on Jeni Baker's blog, "In Color Order."
  • Although none of the principals were present at the meeting, we believe that Kira is quilting the Fisher House quilt - from Instagram pictures - and that the quilt will be ready for the August deadline.

Sherry announced that Country Patchers was having a class on August 21 with Mary Molinari teaching the "Daybreak" pattern.  See Sherry for details.

MQG is hosting a virtual Sew Day on August 21 using the new "Stories" platform on Instagram.  Members were encouraged to get together to sew and to post videos on Instagram stories.

Some of our members were able to successfully register for QuiltCon East in February 2017 despite the technical glitches encountered by MQG.  About 10 of our members reserved rooms in Savannah for the event.  If you reserved rooms and do not plan to use them, Natalie suggested offering them to members first, then releasing them for other attendees.  Pam said that those who were not successful in registering for QuiltCon events and classes will be able to purchase tickets at the door from other attendees. 

Laraine previewed our November fabric swap.  We will swap Alison Glass print fabrics, including the batiks (Handcrafted, Handcrafted II and Indigo).  Low volume and text prints are NOT included as we recently did a low volume swap.  Members may swap up to 3 yards of fabric in 1 yard increments.  Fabrics must be cut into fat eighths.  Rules and instructions for cutting are here and simplified instructions here.  Please fold each fat eighth separately and put it in a ziplock bag with your name on it.  This makes it easier for our swap team.

Nine umbrella blocks were made for this month's block lottery.  Natalie won this month's blocks!

Cindy announced that our block lottery has a new format.  We will have guest block lottery presenters for the next several months.  Our first guest presenter is Loree.

Loree has chosen a very modern Orla Kiely leaf block using drunkard's path blocks and squares in a palette of yellow and gray solids and Kona snow.  Winners will win 8 blocks so there may be multiple winners, depending on the number of blocks submitted.  This quilt uses alternate grid work, minimalism, and negative space.  Download the templates here.  Be sure to print at 100%.

There are several online solid color clubs. If you are looking to build your solid stash, this is a great way to access a large variety of typically fat quarter size solids.  The cost varies by club.

Natalie announced that we are seeking members to serve on the board for 2017.  All board positions are open.  Natalie will serve as Past President.  Cindy and Wendi have both served 2 years in their current positions (the maximum as per the by-laws) and Laraine has only agreed to serve until the end of the year.  The responsibilities of each board member can be found on the blog under the "About us" tab under the bylaws.

Laraine gave the Treasurer's report.  We are currently doing an internal audit as per the by-laws and we should have the results in a few weeks.  We need a member who is not on the board who has financial experience to review the results.  Linda said she would be willing.

A discussion was held about purchasing accounting software for the guild where the accounting/bookkeeping can be stored in the cloud and available to each member of the board.  Since we came under the auspices of the Modern Quilt Guild, we are a 501-c-3 corporation, which has certain financial and record-keeping requirements.  Our financial records are in disarray and many of the records which did exist are missing. The board urges all past board and committee members to check their notebooks, totebags, folders, etc., for records belonging to the guild. Cindy is auditing the records we do have to reconstruct what is available.  Some members questioned the board's actions in this regard.  Natalie explained that the board took action in March and has been working since then to reconstruct our records.

The board has discussed purchasing Directors and Officers liability insurance to protect the guild.  Members felt that with the size of our guild and the funds we have, D&O insurance was not necessary.

We have learned that the Treasurer position requires diligent record keeping in order for our guild to properly report income, expenses, and donations.  There is a need for basic money handling procedures and oversight, which were put into effect in March. Several members requested a monthly Treasurer's report.   The board agreed that this is a priority.  Carole moved that we purchase financial accounting software before the end of the month.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

For this month's door prizes, you placed your door prize ticket(s) in the bag for a chance to win a specific book or item. There were several lucky winners!

Laraine announced our annual Anniversary Scrap Swap!  Participants bring a ziplock bag full of scraps, place it in a brown paper bag, and a drawing is held.  Everyone goes home and sews something awesome for someone else.  This year is our 5th anniversary.  Seven members participated in the Anniversary Scrap Swap for 2016.

Pam asked about the charity quilt for QuiltCon.  Cindy replied that we have missed the deadline for entering a quilt, but said she would be willing to call and see if we could still enter.  The fabric in the required palette has already been purchased.  The challenge is scale.  There was a general agreement that since QuiltCon is on the East Coast next year, we should try to participate.  A pattern was selected and members cut and distributed the fabric during sew day.

Several members participated in Show and Tell.

A salad lunch was served, after which several members stayed to sew and visit.

Respectfully submitted,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

September Block Lottery

This month's block lottery block is is the Adore-la block by Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces for Robert Kaufman. 

We will use Kona Snow as the background.The other colors are buttery soft yellows (Meringue, Butter, Maize, Banana, and Mustard if you're using Kona solids; but it could be any yellow that fits into the color cards given as a takeaway at the meeting) and neutral grays (such as Kona Steel or Moda Graphite.)

You can use solid fabrics from any GOOD QUALITY line - Moda, FreeSpirit, Kona, Riley Blake, etc.

This block lottery requires you to download the pattern (free) and print templates. Please remember to print at 100% and not the "print to fit" feature.  If you sew with an accurate 1/4" (scant .25") seam allowance  your block should be 11.5".

Photo courtesy of Robert Kaufman
This quilt has many features which put it solidly in the modern category.  It uses minimalism - the entire quilt is not covered with the design.  It uses negative space - there is a large area of neutral or background in the quilt.  And it uses alternate gridwork - the design is mostly on the right in this photo.  It also features solid fabrics.  These elements make it truly a modern quilt. 

If you are have anxiety about sewing curves or if you are worried that sewing curves is too hard, you will want to check out these two you tube videos  here and here.  You will notice that one video shows the concave curve on the top and the other on the bottom.  Try them both and see which works best for you! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

June 2016 Minutes

Natalie called the June 11, 2016 meeting of the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild to order at 10:21 am.  She asked for a moment of silence to send a positive thought to someone in need.

Three members had birthdays and received birthday greetings and a birthday lollipop.

Members were asked to turn in their wonky house blocks for the Fisher House quilt.

Five members shared their Riley Blake Sashing Stash challenge quilts.

Cindy noted that QuiltCon registration begins at 9am Central Time on June 25.  Members interested in attending will want to be at their computers when registration opens to have the best chance of getting the classes they want.

Ten members made blocks for the block lottery.  The block was "Elaine's Susanna."  Jo won the blocks.

The July Block will be the Umbrella block, which is a free pattern on Craftsy.  The team has modified the block to make the stem more narrow and not as chunky in black.  The block will be 8-1/2 inches, with a background of sand, tan, or beige.

Bees reported on their progress.

The Emerald Bee is doing a stained glass block for Anne Marie.

Bee Improv is doing a starry night block for Jill.

Sew Be It is doing a Fish block for Suzi.  (The blocks are amazing!)

Our mini quilt swap featuring high contrast and graphic areas of solid color garnered seven participants.  The entries were fabulous!  This was an unpartnered swap so quilts were numbered and each participant drew a number.

Each participant went home with a gorgeous mini quilt.  As quilts were swapped, each participant told the story of the quilt they created.

Long-time member Jennifer is moving to Miami.  She took a moment to say good-bye.  Members thanked her for her support of the guild, especially the block lottery and Quilts of Honor.

The official meeting concluded with  Show and Tell.

But after the official meeting was concluded...  And after lunch...  We had a jelly roll race!  Super fun!

The fastest time?

And the winner was Jill!

Congratulations, Jill, on a job quickly done!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's ECMQG's 5th Anniversary - AND Time for our Annual Scrap Swap Challenge!

Once again, it is time for our annual Scrap Swap Challenge - this year to commemorate our 5th Anniversary!   This may just be the most exciting, most fun swap of the year!  This swap is open to all ECMQG members in good standing.

Here's what you do:
1.  Fill a **quart size** zip lock bag with fabrics from your scrap bin - all colors and sizes (nothing larger than a FQ please - no yardage).   You will want to have a bag full of scraps that reflect the things you like.

2.  Bring the bag to our guild meeting on August 13th.

3.  Put your zip lock in a brown paper bag, which will be provided.  Do not put your name on it.

4.  Each member who brought a bag will take a bag from the table.

5.  The recipient of each bag will confer with the donor about the item they would like to receive. (NOTE:  While this is an opportunity to give your partner some ideas of what you might like, this should only be a general idea of what you would like your partner to make for you.  The decision about WHAT to make lies with the sewist.

6.  Sewists will have one month to make a fabulous scrappy item for their partner from the scraps their partner provided.  Sewists may add only one other fabric to complete their project. Sewists should do their very best work on their partner's item.

7.  Bring your creation to our meeting on September 10th for the Big Reveal!  (Be sure to return excess scraps.)

8.  Oooh and ahhh over all the wonderful quilty goodness at the reveal.

9.  Be sure and thank your partner for your gift.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

July Meeting

July is a busy month for everyone in the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild.  This is apparent from the number of members who have said they will be out of town in July.  Thus, we have decided to CANCEL the meeting scheduled for July 9. 

Our regular August meeting, scheduled for August 13, will take place on schedule.

We will use the July block lottery block for the August meeting.  This will give us time to make those cute umbrella blocks if we've got a lot planned for the summer.

Meanwhile, be gathering up your scraps to bring to the August meeting for the Anniversary Scrap Swap.  This is the guild's 5th anniversary, so be ready for some fun!

Happy summer!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

July Block Lottery - Umbrella Block

For the July block we thought everyone needed an umbrella to keep the hot rays of the summer sun off of your head. So to do this we are presenting to you the April Shower’s block from Craftsy. This is a free block and we made a few modifications in the actual block. This block will be a fun block to get rid of some of your scraps and be bright and happy.
The colors will be your choice with the exception of the background and the umbrella handle. The background will be a neutral tan/sand or beige modern color. It may have a print on it but it must “read” neutral in the above colors. The handle to the umbrella will be in black.

Follow the directions for the block on Craftsy with the following changes: instead of cutting the handle 1 ½ by 5 in, cut it at 1 by 6”. Then to make the background adjust to this size, cut 1 square 6” instead of the original 5”. Also from the background fabric 2 strips 1 ½ “ by 9” instead of 8 ½ in. You will have a little extra but this makes it easier to trim back to the final unfinished block of 8 ½ or finished block of 8”.

As always, the aesthetic is modern and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Elaine or Susan!
Happy sewing,
Your block lottery team,
Susan and Elaine

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Minutes

Natalie brought the meeting to order at 10:10 and asked for a moment of silence.  Our new member, Linda, introduced herself.  Several members had birthdays in May and received a birthday FQ lollipop and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Cindy talked about our next charity quilt effort which will be our annual charity quilt for Fisher House.  The theme is wonky houses.  Use beachy colors and the colors of sky, grass, and sand.  Think of the houses you see when you walk along the beach.  The quilt is due in July, so please bring your blocks to the June meeting.

The Riley Blake fabric challenge quilts are due on May 31.  Be sure to upload your finished quilt to the MQG website.  Our guild reveal will be at the June meeting.  Be sure to tag your social media post with both #ecmqg and #mqgfabricchallenge.

Today is our mini Shop Hop and Sew-in.  Dawn from A Quilter's Place has ordered some jelly rolls for our Jelly Roll Race in June and has purchased a sandwich tray for our visit.  She is also offering guild members a 20% discount on your purchases today.

And we will be holding a Jelly Roll Race at our June meeting.  Everyone needs to bring a jelly roll, their sewing machine, and a sharp pair of scissors.  There will be prizes for the winner.  Check the blog for more information.

Laraine discussed our next guild swap which is an unpartnered mini quilt swap using solids and high contrast, bold graphics as shown on the modern quilt continuum.  It should be no smaller than 16" on any side and no larger than 24" on any side, and does not have to be square.  Be sure to do at least one social media post to either Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #ecmqgjunemqs.  The quilt should use only solids - no prints.  If you wish to participate, bring a finished mini quilt.  We will put it in a bag and each participant will choose the quilt they take home.  Be sure to label your quilt.  Details are here.

Anne Marie won this month's block lottery.  It was the Tidal Pool Block by Molli Sparkles

Next month's block is Elaine's Susannah.  Use yellow/orange for the center, Kona white and warm solids for the bars, and green or blue for the corners.  The block should finish at 12-1/2".  Instructions are here.

Two members presented finished block lottery quilts:

Senorah's quilt from last month.

Credit needed here please - whose finished quilt is this?

As mentioned on the blog, since this is a Sew Day, we will be selecting door prize winners every half hour throughout the meeting.

Each of the bee's reported on their first month's blocks.  New queens presented their blocks for the June meeting.

There was a discussion about what our charity efforts should be for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016.

There were many ideas discussed.  It was decided that in the 3rd quarter we will make drawstring bags for Ronald McDonald House.  The tutorial is by Jeni Baker of In Color Order.  The tutorial is here.

Our 4th quarter project will be a quilt for the QuiltCon charity challenge.

Participating in these charity efforts is always strictly voluntary.

There were many items shared for Show and Tell.