Wednesday, June 22, 2016

July Meeting

July is a busy month for everyone in the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild.  This is apparent from the number of members who have said they will be out of town in July.  Thus, we have decided to CANCEL the meeting scheduled for July 9. 

Our regular August meeting, scheduled for August 13, will take place on schedule.

We will use the July block lottery block for the August meeting.  This will give us time to make those cute umbrella blocks if we've got a lot planned for the summer.

Meanwhile, be gathering up your scraps to bring to the August meeting for the Anniversary Scrap Swap.  This is the guild's 5th anniversary, so be ready for some fun!

Happy summer!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

July Block Lottery - Umbrella Block

For the July block we thought everyone needed an umbrella to keep the hot rays of the summer sun off of your head. So to do this we are presenting to you the April Shower’s block from Craftsy. This is a free block and we made a few modifications in the actual block. This block will be a fun block to get rid of some of your scraps and be bright and happy.
The colors will be your choice with the exception of the background and the umbrella handle. The background will be a neutral tan/sand or beige modern color. It may have a print on it but it must “read” neutral in the above colors. The handle to the umbrella will be in black.

Follow the directions for the block on Craftsy with the following changes: instead of cutting the handle 1 ½ by 5 in, cut it at 1 by 6”. Then to make the background adjust to this size, cut 1 square 6” instead of the original 5”. Also from the background fabric 2 strips 1 ½ “ by 9” instead of 8 ½ in. You will have a little extra but this makes it easier to trim back to the final unfinished block of 8 ½ or finished block of 8”.

As always, the aesthetic is modern and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Elaine or Susan!
Happy sewing,
Your block lottery team,
Susan and Elaine

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Minutes

Natalie brought the meeting to order at 10:10 and asked for a moment of silence.  Our new member, Linda, introduced herself.  Several members had birthdays in May and received a birthday FQ lollipop and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Cindy talked about our next charity quilt effort which will be our annual charity quilt for Fisher House.  The theme is wonky houses.  Use beachy colors and the colors of sky, grass, and sand.  Think of the houses you see when you walk along the beach.  The quilt is due in July, so please bring your blocks to the June meeting.

The Riley Blake fabric challenge quilts are due on May 31.  Be sure to upload your finished quilt to the MQG website.  Our guild reveal will be at the June meeting.  Be sure to tag your social media post with both #ecmqg and #mqgfabricchallenge.

Today is our mini Shop Hop and Sew-in.  Dawn from A Quilter's Place has ordered some jelly rolls for our Jelly Roll Race in June and has purchased a sandwich tray for our visit.  She is also offering guild members a 20% discount on your purchases today.

And we will be holding a Jelly Roll Race at our June meeting.  Everyone needs to bring a jelly roll, their sewing machine, and a sharp pair of scissors.  There will be prizes for the winner.  Check the blog for more information.

Laraine discussed our next guild swap which is an unpartnered mini quilt swap using solids and high contrast, bold graphics as shown on the modern quilt continuum.  It should be no smaller than 16" on any side and no larger than 24" on any side, and does not have to be square.  Be sure to do at least one social media post to either Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #ecmqgjunemqs.  The quilt should use only solids - no prints.  If you wish to participate, bring a finished mini quilt.  We will put it in a bag and each participant will choose the quilt they take home.  Be sure to label your quilt.  Details are here.

Anne Marie won this month's block lottery.  It was the Tidal Pool Block by Molli Sparkles

Next month's block is Elaine's Susannah.  Use yellow/orange for the center, Kona white and warm solids for the bars, and green or blue for the corners.  The block should finish at 12-1/2".  Instructions are here.

Two members presented finished block lottery quilts:

Senorah's quilt from last month.

Credit needed here please - whose finished quilt is this?

As mentioned on the blog, since this is a Sew Day, we will be selecting door prize winners every half hour throughout the meeting.

Each of the bee's reported on their first month's blocks.  New queens presented their blocks for the June meeting.

There was a discussion about what our charity efforts should be for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016.

There were many ideas discussed.  It was decided that in the 3rd quarter we will make drawstring bags for Ronald McDonald House.  The tutorial is by Jeni Baker of In Color Order.  The tutorial is here.

Our 4th quarter project will be a quilt for the QuiltCon charity challenge.

Participating in these charity efforts is always strictly voluntary.

There were many items shared for Show and Tell.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Elaine's Susannah Block

Please refer to this post for our block lottery rules and expectations.  We want everyone to be happy with the quality of the blocks received, should they be the lucky winner.  

June Block Lottery - Elaine's Susannah  

This block will be 12.5” unfinished, 12” finished.  The colors are orange or yellow prints for the center triangles, Kona White, & solids in the warm palette for the outer blocks, and blue or green for the outer triangles.

Out of the white material cut 4:  3.5” x 6.5” rectangles
Out of the orange or yellow print cut 4:  3.5” x 3.5” squares
Out of the warm palette solids cut 4:  3.5” x 6.5” rectangles
Out of the blue or green prints cut 4:  3.5” x 3.5” blocks.

For the 1st set of blocks, take one yellow/orange block and 1 long white rectangle and pair them together.  Draw a line from corner to corner of the 3.5” block them stitch the 2 blocks together diagonally.  You get better results if you stitch just to the side of the line closest to the corner.  Trim at .25” and iron open.  Iron the corner seams to the yellow (dark) side.

Once all 4 blocks are sewn together, set aside & repeat the same procedure for the solid rectangle blocks and the smaller blue/green blocks.

Arrange all 8 blocks as pictured & sew 2 rectangle sets together.

Once you have 2 rectangle sets sewn together, sew 2 square blocks to make the top row & the final 2 blocks together to make the bottom row.

Iron all seams open then sew the top rectangle to the bottom rectangle and iron that seam open.

You have now completed your 1st Elaine's Susannah block!

When making my blocks I used light starch at each seam.

One last tip is to sew a second line on the inside of your corner block (see white blocks) then iron open and you will have additional ½ square triangle blocks.

1/2 of your ECMQG 2016 Block Lottery Committee

PS.  Please address all questions or comments to me, here, on the blog.  I was unable to pattern test this after I wrote the instructions.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Next Meeting - {Jelly Roll} RACE to the Finish!

Exciting things are happening at ECMQG, and June will be no exception.  We're going to have a Jelly Roll Race!

What is a Jelly Roll Race, you ask?  It's a super fun little competition where we see who can sew a jelly roll into a quilt the fastest.

How long will it take?  Some people say it can be done in 30 minutes.  Some say an hour.  Some maintain it is 90 minutes.  What's the record?  I have no idea, but these quilts are FAST!

What will you need to play?

A Jelly Roll - must contain 40 2-1/2" strips
Your sewing machine
Normal sewing tools, but especially don't forget scissors

How do you play?

First, you sew your jelly roll strips together into one long, long, long strip - 1600 inches long!  You may miter the corners (sew them at a 45* angle) or just sew them straight.  You can put spacers in between the strips.  This is totally up to you.

There are various theories about how to arrange the strips.  Some people never put two strips in the same color together.  Some people don't put two strips in the same pattern together.  It's totally your decision.  One thing to know is that you really can't predict what strips will be next to each other when you sew your jelly roll together in the jelly roll race.  But, because it's a jelly roll, you know that your colors and designs will all coordinate and look fabulous together.

Now, cut off 18" from one end.  This is what gives the jelly roll race quilt its random placement.  Put this 18" strip in your scrap basket.

When we say "GO!", begin to sew.  Take the two ends of your long strip and sew them together.  This is the hardest part because it seems to take for-ev-er!!  Hang in there.  It gets better.

When you reach the end, cut the strips apart at the loop, grab the two ends, and sew them together.  Repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.  Until you have all the strips in your jelly roll sewn together.  If you are the fastest, you win!

So grab a jelly roll, gather up your sewing stuff, and Let's Race!  There will be a special prize for the winner!  And door prizes every half hour!*  
Photo courtesy of United Notions

Want to see a Jelly Roll Race in action?  Jenny at MSQ has a fun video.  

Want to find out more about Jelly Roll Race sizing and details?  Wee Folk Art has three blog posts on her experience making a JRR.

Want some inspiration about what to do with your JRR quilt when it's finished?  Try this Pinterest board with a ton of ideas.

But whatever you do, be sure not to miss the June meeting!  It's sure to be exciting!

*Must be present to win.  When you leave, your tickets are void.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April Minutes

The April meeting of the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild was held on April 9, 2016 in the small chapel at First Baptist Church of Crestview.  Natalie opened the meeting with a moment of silence.

Natalie reminded members of the Modern Quilt Continuum and asked each member to write their name on a post-it note and place it on the banner at the place where they believe they see their current modern quilting style.  She promised we would come back to that thought before the meeting ended.

During QuiltCon in February, ECMQG hosted "QuiltNon" on Instagram and Facebook.  The guild awarded 3 prizes to QuiltNon participants.

We had a lengthy discussion about charity quilts.  Jennifer presented our latest Honor Quilt.

Wendi read an email from the chairman of the Celebration event at Emerald Coast Hospice.  The quilt we made hangs in their reception office.  They were delighted with the bright and cheery nature of the quilt and the fact that it was completed so quickly.

 Susan discussed our relationship with Fisher House, particularly the care for the young airman recently hurt in a traffic accident on base.  The guild presented the young man's mother a quilt made by Mary while she was here this winter.  Susan noted all the help that Fisher House gives those who use their services.  Benefits are available to any military member or family if they have served for one day.

Wonky House block from the December block lottery
We discussed our next charity project - the 2016 Fisher House quilt.  She suggested that members make any kind of house block and bring it to the June meeting for Fisher House. Blocks should include the colors of sky, grass, and sand.  There will be instructions on the blog by the May meeting.

Show and Tell came early in this meeting.  Several members shared quilts and other projects they had made.

We have received the fabric for the latest Modern Quilt Guild Challenge.

The fabric is Sashing Stash by Riley Blake.  The challenge deadline has been extended to May 31.  Fabric was distributed to those who signed up for the challenge.

 Only 22 members have signed up for the May Shop Hop.  We must have at least 30 members participate to make the trip feasible.  If we do not have at least 30 members by April 11 we must cancel the event.  If we cancel, we will have a Sew Day in its place.

The June meeting will be devoted to a Sew Day, and will have a "competitive quilting" theme and consist of a Jelly Roll Race, and an Improv Challenge!  All members should bring their sewing machines!  There will be prizes!  After the race, members are encouraged to "hang out and sew." 

Laraine introduced our June Swap, which will be a blind (unpartnered) Mini Quilt Swap featuring high contrast and graphic areas of solid colors.  Details are here.  It is a requirement that participants post at least one progress photo on Instagram or Facebook.  Mini quilts may range from 16" to 24" and do not have to be square.

Natalie reminded everyone of the MQG Webinar "Modern Machine Quilting."  Check the MQG website for details.

Senorah, a Junior Member, won this month's Block Lottery featuring 21 blocks. 

Next month's block will be the Tidal Pool block by Molli Sparkles using Kona Navy and any tone-on-tone print.

Laraine Acosta has volunteered to be our new treasurer beginning in July.

 Natalie had planned a "working lunch," so the meeting adjourned briefly for members to fill their plates.

When the meeting resumed, Natalie asked everyone interested in participating in a quilting bee to take a different colored post-it note and place it on the Modern Quilt Continuum banner where they feel they would be comfortable.  Wendi explained how bees operate and the commitment required of members who participate.  19 members joined ECMQG Bees.  They are divided into 3 hives, which are explained in more detail here.  The first two queens met with their hives to distribute fabrics and discuss matters relating to each hive.

The meeting adjourned at 1:20 and was followed by a Sew Day.