Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reveal Squeal!

Our Madrona Road Challenge items were revealed during our March meeting.  All I can say is "Wow!".  

For those of you who may not know, this challenge was presented by The Modern Quilt Guild using Michael Miller Fabrics Madrona Road line designed by Violet Craft.  We were tasked with creating something quilty.  Participating chapters of the MQG received the "boy" or blue colorway, and could then stipulate additional guidelines and dates.  Anyone who completed something quilty could include it in the Flicker pool by January 31st, when Violet would personally pick several winners whose items would be displayed in the Michael Miller booth.

We had so many projects and stories.  I'm going to split this post over several days because there is so much to share.  

I'll say it again, if you're not coming to our meetings, you are missing out.  The majority of these pictures do not do justice to the quilts.  There is nothing like seeing the details up close, or touching the fabric, or hearing someone's enthusiasm or frustrations as they present their quilting journey/story.

In no particular order we have:

Wendi, who actually had yardage in the "girl" colorway because she hadn't joined our guild when we received our fabric bundles, made this beauty.  (Ok, this photo is not so good, but you can find prettier photos on her blog, prsd4tim2.)  She decided to participate anyway.  Her quilt is based on the Heximetry pattern from asquaredw.  

Kim works quick.  In fact, her little baby quilt was finished in time for the national deadline of January 31st and included in the Madrona Road Flickr Pool where Violet complimented Kim saying "I really love the negative space and the quilting - beautiful job!". 

Coincidentally, Kim's design is based on a free pattern and tutorial by Wendi's daughter, Amanda, of acraftyfox.  It's the Pointed In The Right Direction Pillow tutorial.  (I like how Kim coordinated her sweater to her quilt.  That was planned, right?)  

When Kim made this, we had no idea of the connection because...Wendi was an EMail participant only.  She had never come to our meetings.  We, I, found her through a comment on her blog, and the rest is history.  Wendi posted about this interconnectedness, which you can read about here

Star light.  Star bright.  The first star I see tonight.  This is the prayer wish my children recite every night as I tuck them into bed, so Kira's quilt holds a special place in my heart.

Kira based her design on an older wonky star tutorial from Silly BooDilly.  The fact that Kira covered the corners of her center block and really ex-ten-ded her star points, makes it all her own.  

When she first posted photos to Flickr, one of the best comments was how this looks like "a big wonky mama star with her baby star nearby".  I totally agree.  Look at those mama's arms reaching out to snuggle and protect her baby.  

This improv pieced back is COMPLETELY out of Kira's comfort zone.  Simply because she ran out of white fabric.  What's a girl to do?  Improvise of course, with leftover scraps.  Love it!  That back is as beautiful as the front.  

My tote bag was completed the morning of our reveal.  Yeah, nothing like  procrastinating, and then sewing, until the last possible moment.  Even though Bobbi and I had purchased additional yardage from our LQS, The Sewing Center Around the Block, during the January Support Your LQS event, I didn't cut any fabric until two days before our meeting. 

No particular pattern was used.  I was inspired to make wonky, improv circles, because of the name of the fabric line  - Madrona Road - and because of my own experience that so many of our choices in life, while seemingly random, end up being connected.  My favorite print, Memoir, was omitted from the improv circles so that I could feature it. 

All of my wonky improv blocks were constructed with a stack-slice-swap method that I've absorbed from reading Jan Mullen's Cut Loose Quilts and Kathryn Schmidt's Rule-Breaking Quilts books so many times.

Gina's LOVe letters WIP.  We learned during this reveal, after she had pulled these from the display table because it wasn't a "completed project", the last time she'd been able to sew was during our February 9th meeting and sew day.  As the tour de force for the 2013 Emerald Coast Quilt Retreat & Show, we totally "get" why sewing didn't happen for her.  Next time Gina.   

Betty's tote bag was designed using her accuquilt GO! kitties die.  She used strip piecing and applique and quilted it with a random meander stipple. 

Early in her "playing with fabric" phase, she was unsure if this was going to be a pillow or a tote bag.  I hope she has enough fabric left for a pillow.  I have it on good authority that several people want one.  

I wonder if Betty knew that Violet is a kitty fan?  

Again, see what you're missing by not coming to the meeting and sew day?

Friday, March 29, 2013

You Can't Win If You Don't Enter

Our Facebook group has been pretty active about keeping this thread in the spotlight.

It's the one the lovely Kira Bell originally posted at the end of February from APQS.  How about a chance to win a George longarm quilting system valued at $6,650?  George is a sit-down machine with a generous 20" throat and large, flat workspace to easily maneuver your quilt.  All APQS machines are handmade, one at a time, by master craftspeople in Carroll, IA.


The entry form and details can be found here.  You can enter EVERYDAY, now thru July 1, 2013, 12:00 CST.  As Kira said, "It would be great if someone from our guild won this!".  Yes, it would!

On another note, do we have any takers who want to enter quilt (or two) in the HMQS (Home Machine Quilt Show) in Salt Lake City?  

That due date is rapidly approaching - April 13th.  We first mentioned it here, and you can find details here.  This is the year HMQS added a "modern" category and defined it like this:  Modern: Quilts that are functional, include bold colors, and are inspired by modern design. Minimalism, asymmetry, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work are often a part of modern quilt compositions, as are improvisational piecing and solid fabrics. Perimeter 220”- 480” Must be three layers; backing, batting and quilt top.

Based on that description, it looks like minis aren't being accepted.  :(     

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Meeting

I can hardly believe it's March.  But it is.  And we have a meeting and SEW-day right around the corner.  As in 4 days.  So how about a short (ha!) post with the details.

We expect a larger than normal turnout this month, which is extremely exciting! 

Thanks in part to last weekend's show where our quilts were so well received, as well as the Valentine's Day modern quilt presentations given by Marcy and Cindy to the Santa Rosa Quilters' Guild, and by Marcy to the Silver Threads Quilt Guild.  What a way to spend Valentine's Marcy!  Even though you weren't with your honey, you were talking about something you LOVE.

Name tags.

Please wear one.  If you don't, you'll be missing out.  It makes you eligible for door prizes and we all know, door prizes are good.  How about a fat quarter bundle of Kona solids courtesy of that GIGANTIC box we received from Robert Kaufman for our anniversary?  Just ask Wendi.  Nothing like attending your first meeting and winning!  Awesome.  

Madrona Road Challenge reveal.

Ok, reveal may not be the correct word, as many of us have already shared photos of our projects on Facebook and Flickr.  However, we'll do the BIG show & tell as a group.   I am looking forward to seeing everyone's projects!!

We might will have a short presentation on Project Linus as their "call to blankets" for Camp Corral caught the attention of member Kim Godwin.  Camp Corral actually has two locations in Florida, one of which is the 4-H Camp Timpoochee, in Niceville.  Our backyard.  

At present, Kim hasn't made blankets for Project Linus, although she has a couple that are "almost" ready to go.  She regularly receives their EMails and says "I don't think there is anything better than to give a child a wonderful handmade keepsake. Plus, my son received a small fleece blanket from the hospital when he was born.  I don't know for sure if it is a Project Linus blanket, but I think it might be.  He just turned four and he still loves it!"  

I think, like Kim, several of us might have a quilt top or two in the "almost" stage that would be perfect for donating.

We'll be finalizing the details of our April road trip to Pensacola.  A&E here we come!  This trip will be the perfect time to pick up a fat quarter or two for the May Blind FQ swap.  

Borrowing a page from the LAMQG, Kelly gave us the details last month.  Choose up to three FQs and individually wrap them in brown paper - no peeking.  For every FQ you contribute, you withdraw one, taking turns, until each wrapped bundle is gone.  Unwrapping is the exciting part, because as we all know, good things come in small packages.  Just remember to keep your fabric selection modern.  No solids allowed. 

Of course we'll recap our quilt show experiences.

Don't forget about show & tell.  Finished projects, WIPs, fabric - we enjoy seeing and hearing all about them.


We have a couple of demonstration and skill building lessons for you.  Wendi's on tap for wonky blocks and hexagons.  Both of which she prepared as a brief demo for last weekend's quilt show.  Marcy's going to show us the ins and outs of making a little lined zippered pouch.  

If you'd like to learn, or practice, please bring a couple of fat quarters, 1/4 yard of fusible fleece or interfacing, a 7" zipper, and your sewing machine's zipper foot.  Double, or, triple these amounts if you're staying for the SEW-day.  I have a feeling these are addicting.  I know wonky blocks are.  I think the same can be said about hexagons and zippered pouches too. 

And speaking of skill building.   What about those Craftsy BOM blocks?  If anyone is participating, bring in your block(s).  They just might earn another ticket for a door prize.

Food, as in snacks to share, is always a good thing and greatly appreciated.  We are informal and do not have a food sign-up list or committee like some of the larger guilds.

SEW-day supplies should include your project(s) and anything you might need, including an iron, a pressing surface, and possibly, an extension cord.    There are several LQS in Crestview - A Quilter's Place and Margie's, just in case.

See you Saturday!