Sunday, October 16, 2016

November Fat Eighth Swap - Alison Glass Fabrics

We are so excited to feature Alison Glass designs as our November Fat Eighth Swap!  Alison designs for Andover Fabrics and loves to take inspiration from the details of the world but especially from urban architecture.  Her fabric lines are saturated with color and range from knits, low volume, and even modern batiks!!  Her newest line, “Insignia” is described as a “near solid that coordinates with her printed fabrics” that “walks the line between solid and prints.”  You really need to see these!!  
I love her hand embroidery patterns and would like to try her garment patterns.  You can even get an Alison Glass Temporary Tattoo!!  How fun is that?!?  We feel pretty certain that Alison Glass will become one of your faves’, if she isn’t already!   
You can get more information about Alison Glass at her website:  Check it out!

Our swap in November focuses on her prints (excluding text and low volumes) and her “Handcrafted” batiks.   

Cutting instructions for a modern fat eighth can be found here

The Rules
 If you wish to participate, here is what you need to do:

1.  Purchase one yard of 100% cotton fabric.  (If ordering online, be sure to order early enough to allow time for delivery and cutting before the meeting.)
NOTE:  Be sure to buy 100% cotton quilting fabric.  This is not a swap for corduroy, voile, home decorator, or other fabric types.
2 - You may swap up to three yards of fabric.
3.  Cut your fabric using the tutorial here.
4.  Individually fold each F8 piece and place your cut fabric in a zip top bag labeled with your name.  

If you're swapping more than 1 yard, place each yard  in a SEPARATE labeled zip top bag. 

5.  Leave your labeled bag(s) on the designated swap table at the meeting.

6.  Your fabric(s) will be sorted and separated by groups.  At the conclusion of our meeting, drop by the swap table and pick up your bag(s); a beautiful bundle of modern designer fabric.

7.  We won't have a variety of prints if everyone purchases and brings the same fabric.  Please utilize  our Facebook page to let us know what fabric(s) you've selected.  With the number of participants we are anticipating, it should be okay to have no more than two people bring the same print. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

October Meeting Minutes

The regular meeting of Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild was held on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at Crestview First Baptist Church.  Natalie called the meeting to order at 10:15 and asked for a moment of silence to send a positive thought to those affected by Hurricane Matthew or who might have other needs.

Natalie discussed nominations for the Executive Board for 2017.  Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting on November 12.  At that time Natalie will also present a budget for the next year and present the official President's Report as required by the by-laws.  Natalie noted that she may not be present at the November meeting but should that be the case she would arrange a video or Skype call into the meeting.

Requirements for the positions on the Executive Board are in the by-laws.  Individuals who are nominated to serve must have been members for one year, understand and adhere to MQG's purpose, and may not currently be serving on the board of another local quilt guild.  The time commitment of members of the Executive Board were discussed.  Cindy noted that she and Natalie had met together to work on the audit for 8-1/2 hours since the last meeting, plus the time spent reviewing minutes, posting the block lottery information to the blog, and other duties.  She reminded those present that now that we are a 501(c)3 organization, we are a business, which requires more accountability.

There was a discussion of the responsibilities of officers and committee members.  Natalie noted that a description of duties is on the blog.  Members were encouraged to step up and serve on the board and in committee positions.  Without an Executive Board, the guild must dissolve.  There was a brief discussion of what dissolving the guild would entail.  Roxie said she would accept a nomination as Secretary on the Executive Board.  Several other members agreed to serve on committees.

Laraine gave the treasurer's report using the new Aplos software.  She noted that bank statements were reconciled from March 2016, and our records are in agreement with the bank.  We did spend slightly more than we took in last meeting.  Expenses were comprised of the anniversary cake, door prizes, the cost of the accounting software, and copies.  We expect to have the general ledger complete by the November meeting and will send members a copy of the treasurer's report via email.  There was a discussion of anticipated expenses for the coming year, including the necessity of providing D&O insurance as a safeguard for the members of the board.  The anticipated cost of D&O insurance is approximately $700 per year.

Cindy noted that before we can purchase D&O insurance, we must put several new provisions in the by-laws, including a non-harassment policy.  As per the by-laws, we must give members 2-weeks' notice of changes in the by-laws.  We will do that via email, prior to the November meeting, and expect to vote on the new provisions in November.

There was a brief discussion of ways for the guild to reduce expenses.  Natalie encouraged members to bring those ideas to her after the meeting.

In light of the anticipated expenses for 2017, income from dues at the current rate is insufficient.  We must either plan fund-raising activities or increase dues.  There was a brief discussion of the hard work and minimal financial success for the guild of previous fund-raising efforts at Saint Simon's and Chautauqua (although some members were successful individually.)  The members present were generally opposed to fund-raising; however, they expressed support of and willingness to accept an increase in dues.  The benefits of membership were discussed.

Loree was the only member celebrating a birthday in October.  She received her birthday lollipop and a song.

Charity Efforts:
  • The QuiltCon 2017 quilt must be finished and in the mail by November 30.  The palette was designated by MQG.  The challenge is scale.  Our design is a square-in-square geometric design.  Cindy will put together the quilt top.  Marcia agreed to quilt it.  Wendi agreed to bind it.  
  • Our 4th quarter charity project is lined drawstring bags for Ronald McDonald House.  The tutorial can be found on Jeni Baker's blog, In Color Order.  Bags are due at the November meeting.  Cindy and any members who wish to accompany her will deliver the bags the first week of December.  Any fabrics are suitable for this project - they do not need to be modern.
  • We have tried to sell the Quiltcon Quilt from 2015 with no success.  As a result, Cindy has been looking for a local charity with a large audience which would like to auction the quilt in support of their efforts.  She has a friend who knows local TV personality Sue Straughn and has agreed to present the quilt at the ARC Gateway Gala and silent auction in December at Skopelo's at New World Landing.  Members expressed support for this idea.  ARC Gateway is an organization with supporters that are perhaps unfamiliar with ECMQG and this effort should broaden our reach into the community.
  • Susan reported that the Fisher House quilt is finished and has been presented to them for their fund-raiser in November.  Susan put a value on the quilt of $1000.
  • The 2017 QuiltCon quilt will also go to a charity in our community.  Cindy suggested Sacred Heart Foundation, where the funds will be used for Children's Hospital.  The members were in favor of donating the quilt for Sacred Heart Foundation's Mall Ball silent auction; however, there may be a conflict in terms of the time of the event vs. the display at QuiltCon.  
  • Emerald Coast Hospice has requested that we  create their 2016 Remembrance quilt again this year.  They were so pleased with the quilt we provided in 2015 that they asked us to again create a bright, colorful quilt for their event.  The event will be at the end of March or early part of April 2017.  They are planning to host two events in different locations to expand the number of family members and others who can participate in this event. 
  • Susan requested help from guild members for the 2017 EOD memorial quilt, which will need to be finished  by May.  Because of the timing, construction of this quilt may overlap the hospice quilt.  Members agreed that they are willing to support both charities.
  • Next year's Fisher House quilt will be needed in October.

Laraine reminded members that our next fabric swap will be a Fat Eighth Swap of Allison Glass fabrics.  All of her fabrics are included except low volume and text fabrics.  Each member may swap up to 3 yards of fabric  in 1-yard increments.  Each yard should be cut according to the instructions in the blog post of March 8, 2016, individually folded and placed in a zip lock bag with the member's name on it.  Bring it to the November meeting and our swap committee will work their magic. Cindy requested that members post pictures of their fabrics to the blog to reduce the chance of duplicates, and recommended that members check online sources for sales on AG fabrics.

Natalie announced that she has reserved both the large room and the small room for our November meeting.  We will meet in the small room and our chair sale will be held in the large room.  No sales will be allowed during the meeting.  For a $10 entry fee, each member will receive 4-feet of table space and a folding chair.  Members may sell anything they wish as long as it is craft-related - scrapbooking supplies, yarn, puff paint, beads, rubber stamps, etc.  Members may sign up and pay today, or pay online via PayPal after completing a Google form.

Laraine and Cindy presented finished quilt tops made with last month's Adore-la blocks, and thus are eligible for this month's block lottery.

Seventeen Transparent Play blocks were submitted for the October Block Lottery.  Our guest presenter, Laraine, awarded blocks to two winners: Bobbi and Laraine each won Transparent Play blocks.

Jill was our guest presenter for the November block lottery block.  The block is Foldstar by Ula Lenz and is a paper pieced block.  The block is available in three sizes - 6", 9" and 12".  Participants should submit blocks unfinished at 12-1/2".  The three sizes give us a chance to play with scale, which is a marker on the Modern Quilt Continuum. 

The background is beige, ivory, cream or low volume fabric.  The palette is that of falling leaves.

Jill presented several other stunning examples of paper pieced items, noting that paper piecing can be combined with other techniques for a stunning finished piece.

Amy will be our guest presenter in November for the January block.

There was a discussion about whether members wanted a December block lottery.  The consensus was no; however, the block suggested was thought to be perfect for the February block lottery.  Wendi will present this block in January.

December will be our annual Christmas Party and handmade ornament swap.

Although we were out of time during the meeting, Natalie suggested that members stay and do the planned fabric scrap sort in small groups.  Several members brought fabric scraps to sort.  Sorting fabric scraps will help train the eye to categorize fabrics and more easily recognize modern fabrics.

The Modern Quilt Continuum banner was up on the wall.  Natalie encouraged members to take a moment to think about where they are now, compared to where they were when we last did this activity in March.  She also noted that social and political commentary is a new category of modern quilting.  Modern quilting continues to evolve.

Several members shared show and tell items.

Members enjoyed a great Southern lunch.  Afterwards, several members stayed for Sew Day and a preliminary layout of the 2017 QuiltCon quilt.

Respectfully submitted,

Thursday, October 13, 2016

ECMQG Chair Sale

Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild will be hosting a Chair Sale after the regular meeting on November 12, 2016.  All members in good standing are invited to particpate.

Registration must be completed in advance using the Google form provided.  The registration fee is $10 and is payable via PayPal.  The deadline for registration and payment is Friday, October 28.  Our Paypal address is

Payment of the registration fee entitles participants to a 4-foot section of table and a folding chair.

Participants may sell anything they wish, as long as it is craft-related.  Quilting fabric is welcome, of course, but other ideas might be:
  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Paper Crafting supplies
  • Fabric (fabrics do not have to be modern)
  • Yarn
  • Tools or notions
  • Quilting or craft books
  • Patterns
  • Paint (fabric paint, puff paint, acrylic paint, etc.)
  • Beads and jewelry supplies
  • Finished goods

Seller is solely responsible for any money and should provide a "bank" with which to make change.

Purchasers are requested to pay for all purchases in cash.

No sales will take place until after lunch (approximately 1:00 p.m.)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Block Lottery - Foldstar Block

Hello! I’m Jill (also known as @crafty_giraffe on instagram) and I’m the guest presenter for this month’s block lottery! I chose the block Foldstar because I thought it would be a great opportunity for our guild to try out paper piecing, as well as taking a chance to play with scale.  

This block was designed by Ula Lenz and is available on her blog:

Ula Lenz originally designed this block as a 6” star and does not include a tutorial or post on her website.  The Foldstar is one of the beautiful stars available on her website, and if you enjoy making this one, give one of the others a try!  

The pdfs of the foundation papers to print are here: 

Printing Tips:
  • Remember to print 4 of the 9-inch and 12-inch patterns and 2 of the 6-inch pattern.  
  • Choose the option that prints at original size or 100%.
  • Measure the 1" box in the upper left corner to be sure that it measures 1" on your printed document.
My tutorial below will be using her beautiful block, and expanding on the method of paper piecing itself.  In using this block, I did resize her original block to a 9” and 12” option.  I have not changed the design of the block at all, but just expanded her original design to make it easier to print.  This can also be accomplished by printing her original pattern at 150% and 200%.    

NOTE:  Piece by Numbers has a blog post on resizing pdf patterns while printing which is available here: . This is always a useful tool to keep in mind when printing pdf quilt patterns!

If you post pictures of this block on Facebook or Instagram while working with it, please tag the block with #foldstar & #ecmqg so we can all follow your progress! I’m so excited to see the stars y’all make.

The final block turned in at November’s meeting should be a 12” (12.5” unfinished) block.  If you choose to make the 9” block, you should add additional background fabric to finish at 12.5”.  If you decide to use the 6” block, you can make up to 4 stars to use in your final 12.5” block.  This block is a really fun opportunity to play with scale and high contrast colors.

If you have never paper pieced before - do not be afraid! It is a really great introduction to paper piecing and we have a Paper Piecing 101 tutorial below.  I can’t wait to see what you all make!

Color Palette:

For this block we are using autumn colors! The color palettes that inspired me for the star points are below - think leafs changing colors.  For the background fabric, please use a solid or low volume in a light tan or off white color.  

Paper Piecing 101

General Paper Piecing Tips:

  • Use the most lightweight, inexpensive paper you have. This is not the time to pull out your 60lb cardstock! The lighter the paper, the easier your needle will go through the paper and (the best!) the easier it will be to pull off the paper when you have finished! 
  • Decrease your stitch length. I generally decrease it as low as 1.4 or 1.6. The decreased stitch length helps with pulling off the paper at the end. 
  • Don’t be afraid to try! 
  • Sections 1 & 4 will be background fabric, sections 2 & 3 will be your happy autumn colors!

Step 1:

Print your pattern and trim your paper to the size of the pattern block.  For this particular pattern, you will need 4 quadrants to make the complete star.  

Step 2:

Cut your first two pieces of fabric (for section #1 & #2 on the pattern.)  You want them to be approximately ¼” larger on all sides than the size shown on the pattern.  Pin the fabric to the unprinted side of the paper, wrong side against the paper, right side facing out. (I like to hold the paper up to the light and make sure the fabric is placed against the paper correctly - the fabric should extend well beyond the printed lines of the foundation paper.)

Step 3:

Place your second piece of fabric against the first piece of fabric, right sides together, so that the fabric extends at least ¼” past the seam line printed on the foundation paper.   I like to hold the fabric up to the light (again) to make sure that I have enough fabric overlapping the line and that the fabric will cover the entire section once sewn.

Step 4:

Sew along the seam line between section #1 & #2. 

Step 5:

You did your first seam! Way to go, you awesome quilter!

Now, trim your fabric to a ¼” seam allowance.

Step 6:

Press your fabric away from the seam.


Step 7:

Now you need to cut your fabric for section #3 and sew your next seam.  Just as before, you want to make sure your fabric covers the entire section, as well as keeping at least ¼” seam allowances on all sides.

Place your fabric right side together against your other fabric in a way that overlaps the seam line.  Again, when placing my fabric for sewing the seam, I like to hold up my fabric to a light source to make sure that the fabric overlaps the printed foundation seam by at least ¼”.  

Step 8:

Trim your seam to ¼”. Press the fabric away from the seam.



Step 9:

Cut your piece of fabric for section #4 & sew the seam.  Just as before, you want to make sure that your piece is at least ¼” larger than the printed section shown.  You can generally see the printed lines of the foundation paper through the fabric, so it helps to hold the fabric wrong side up and trim to the size needed - just keep in mind that bigger is always better!  Make sure that you place your section #4 fabric right side together against the other fabrics. Sew the seam between section 3 & 4 with the printed side up.

Step 10:

Press fabric away from the seam. You have finished sewing all the seams for your first block! (Pro Tip: Chain piece and sew all 4 quadrants at the same time.)

Step 11:

Now is the time to trim off the excess fabric and square up your quadrant.  Hold your ruler as shown below - you want the edge of the ruler to be against the edge of the seam allowance. I like to do this by lining up the inner printed line of the foundation paper with the line ¼” away from the edge of the ruler. 

Step 12:

Once you have four completed quadrants, sew them together for your finished foldstar block! 

I can’t wait to see the blocks everyone makes for November! :)

Additional Tutorials & Resources for Paper Piecing:

This is a great tutorial with lots of photos, as well as including a fun free pattern! She has additional free patterns available on her blog.  (I might not have ever tried paper piecing if it wasn’t for this blog post convincing me that I could.)

This is a really simple and easy to follow tutorial.

This tutorial has a video, so if you learn better with videos over photos, this is worth a watch.