November Fat Eighth Swap - Alison Glass Fabrics

We are so excited to feature Alison Glass designs as our November Fat Eighth Swap!  Alison designs for Andover Fabrics and loves to take inspiration from the details of the world but especially from urban architecture.  Her fabric lines are saturated with color and range from knits, low volume, and even modern batiks!!  Her newest line, “Insignia” is described as a “near solid that coordinates with her printed fabrics” that “walks the line between solid and prints.”  You really need to see these!!  
I love her hand embroidery patterns and would like to try her garment patterns.  You can even get an Alison Glass Temporary Tattoo!!  How fun is that?!?  We feel pretty certain that Alison Glass will become one of your faves’, if she isn’t already!   
You can get more information about Alison Glass at her website:  Check it out!

Our swap in November focuses on her prints (excluding text and low volumes) and her “Handcrafted” batiks.   

Cutting instructions for a modern fat eighth can be found here

The Rules
 If you wish to participate, here is what you need to do:

1.  Purchase one yard of 100% cotton fabric.  (If ordering online, be sure to order early enough to allow time for delivery and cutting before the meeting.)
NOTE:  Be sure to buy 100% cotton quilting fabric.  This is not a swap for corduroy, voile, home decorator, or other fabric types.
2 - You may swap up to three yards of fabric.
3.  Cut your fabric using the tutorial here.
4.  Individually fold each F8 piece and place your cut fabric in a zip top bag labeled with your name.  

If you're swapping more than 1 yard, place each yard  in a SEPARATE labeled zip top bag. 

5.  Leave your labeled bag(s) on the designated swap table at the meeting.

6.  Your fabric(s) will be sorted and separated by groups.  At the conclusion of our meeting, drop by the swap table and pick up your bag(s); a beautiful bundle of modern designer fabric.

7.  We won't have a variety of prints if everyone purchases and brings the same fabric.  Please utilize  our Facebook page to let us know what fabric(s) you've selected.  With the number of participants we are anticipating, it should be okay to have no more than two people bring the same print. 

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