3/4 Log Cabins - April 2018 Block Lottery Info

For the month of April, Pat is taking a turn at hosting our block lottery.
from Pat
She picked a bold and modern 3/4 log cabin that is anything but traditional!
from Bobbi and Cindy
Pat's inspiration is from the blog 'you know what I love?' by Ara Jane Olufson a quilter from the other side of the country, Seattle.   Like many blogs now, hers has succumbed to inactivity, but if you click around, you'll find beautiful quilts and several tutorials.  

Read about the planning and design thoughts for Ara Jane's quilt blocks and tutorial here.  We are making ours exactly the same way.  It does involve a little bit of improv piecing, but it's not crazy improv piecing if that makes sense.  
from Pat
Pat started with a pile of richly colored solid fabrics which she cut into various size strips. The point of having different width strips is where improv piecing comes in to play - each log cabin will have three sides of the same color, but they can be different widths.  
from Pat
You could also work from scraps building out your blocks from what you have on hand if you don't want to cut yardage.
from Cindy
Some of your cabins will be singles measuring 12.5" x 12.5" once you've added three or four rounds (or five!!) of color and trimmed to size. 
from Linda
Some could be doubles, stacked on top of each other or nestled side-by-side to get to that all important 12.5" x 12.5" measurement.
from Bobbi
Variety in colors, as well as variety in the scale of your cabins within the individual blocks are more improv components.
from Loree
Play.  Have fun.  Make colorful blocks.  
from Cindy
You know you want to win!  

We owe big thank yous to Pat for bringing this block to our attention, to Ara Jane who enthusiastically gave her support and permission allowing us to link to her tutorial, and to the makers (Pat, Bobbi, Cindy, Linda, and Loree) for the samples pictured in this post. 

ECMQG Ambassadors of Modern Quilting at the Surfing at the Beach Quilt Show

Wowza! Put a goal out there, then make it happen. That’s what members of the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild did.  Our display of minis showcasing Flamingo, the Kona COTY 2017, at the Surfing the Beach Quilt Show by The Flying Needles Quilt Guild looked great!
Since this was our first time having a booth at the show we were a little unsure how it would come together. Luckily our members were able to dig into their stash of finished projects to help prop our booth.
We did a lot of cutting, pressing and sewing of our display curtain, it was worth it!
Guild members were available to answer questions about modern quilting and to help clarify that we do more than cut and sew randomly.
We chatted and laughed with local quilters as well as many Snowbirds. Sharing the joy of fabrics and quilting is always easy.
We had a total of seven modern quilts entered in the show by Lisa, Natalie and Loree.
Lisa and her "Happy Baby Quilt"
Our Guild charity quilt "Red Plus Blue"

Lori's "Sweetie Pie" quilt from the Riley Blake Sashing Stash challenge
Natalie's quilt "Dash to the Diner" from the Riley Blake Sashing Stash challenge

Natalie's quilt "Saltwater Taffy" from a Nancy Crow workshop

Natalie's "walk on, robot" from the Riley Blake Creative Rockstar fabric challenge
Thanks to all of the guild members that participated in making this happen. 

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