100 Days of Modern Quilting

If you don't frequent the main MQG blog, then you might not have heard about "100 Days of Modern Quilting," which starts today. Every day for 100 days, The Modern Quilt Guild will be featuring modern quilts, broken up into weekly categories. Here's the breakdown of all the categories that will be featured:

Week 1: Week of Shapes

Focus on quilts featuring different geometric shapes (squares, hexagons, circles, etc.)

Week 2: Week of Colors

Focus on color schemes, rainbow quilts, etc.

Week 3: Week of Blocks

Focus on block-based quilts and reinterpretations of traditional blocks

Week 4: Week of Improvisation

Focus on improvisational piecing techniques

Week 5: Week of Inspiration

Focus on different sources of inspiration and how they’re interpreted into quilts

Week 6: Week of Composition

Focus on different kinds of compositions, use of negative space, etc.

Week 7: Week of Prints

Focus on quilts that effectively use print fabrics

Week 8: Week of Solids

Focus on quilts that effectively use solid fabrics

Week 9 : Week of Using What You Have

Focus on scrap quilts and repurposed materials

Week 10: Week of Techniques

Focus on quilts made using different popular online tutorials (Ticker Tape, String Quilts, Mod Mosaic, etc.)

Week 11: Week of Collaboration

Focus on quilting bees

Week 12: Week of Participation

Focus on challenges and quilt alongs

Week 13: Week of Tools 

Focus on tools that make modern quilting easier

Week 14: Week of Machine Quilting

Focus on different styles and techniques including long arm vs. finishing at home

In addition to featuring 7 quilts a week, there will also be tutorials related to that weekly topic. You can read more about the details of "100 Days of Modern Quilting" here.

They've already posted twice today - an intro into shapes and the first featured modern quilt.

I won't be posting these every day, so if this is something that's of interest to you, make sure to go to The Modern Quilt Guild every day to see what's new!

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