March 2014 Block Lottery - Gold Fish Crackers

Welcome to the ECMQG March 2014 Block Lottery!

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ECMQG Gold Fish Crackers Block Tutorial

Gold Fish Crackers is the name I've given this fun fish block we're making for the March 8th meeting.  I just know your going to be hooked (pun intended) once you sew the first one.

These instructions make a 12.5" unfinished block.  

Possible quilt layout made from 16 blocks.

Colors are bright Kona turquoise for the background and modern orange prints for the fish. 

Locally, several stores currently have Kona turquoise in stock, including A&E Pharmacy and Jo-Ann's.

Search your stash for modern orange prints.  Almost any print fabric that reads 'orange' will do.

1 - Cut your fabrics as shown in the following diagram:

2 - After cutting your background pieces and fish pieces, mark a diagonal stitching line on the WRONG SIDE of the fish pieces.  A water soluble marker is best for this step.

3 - Place your fabric pieces as shown below, stitch as indicated, and press towards the turquoise.  This creates the tail and fins.

4 - Lay out your block so it looks like this:

5 - Sew the four units together making a fish.  Pay close attention to which way the tail and fins point.  You want your fish to swim. :)  

6 - Now, surround your fish with "water" by sewing the half square triangles (HSTs) cut from the 8" x 8" turquoise blocks to the top, bottom, and sides.  Press the seams towards the HSTs.

7 - Lastly, trim and square your block so it measures 12.5" x 12.5".

I hope you have a swimming good time creating this cute block! 

Good luck at our next lottery drawing!!

Kira Bell
ECMQG Block Lottery Coordinator


  1. This is going to be fun! Can't wait to get to A&E tomorrow!

  2. Very cute!! It will be fun to see all of the fish together! I am the coordinator for the block lottery for the Dallas MQG. I love seeing what other guilds are doing.


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