Warm Thoughts and Gifts from Friends

Here we are, at the end of January, in Northwest Florida, most of us sitting home wondering where our warmth and sunshine have gone.

Because of the unseasonably cold temperatures yesterday and the rain that turned to sleet, mini ice pellets, and eventually snow for some, has provided us with an unprecedented two days in the middle of the week for sewing! 

Schools are closed.  Roads and bridges all over our area are closed.  Many businesses are closed. 

So if you're one of those at home today sewing or crafting, let me show you our December Handmade Ornament Swap.

With all of the excitement of opening gifts and oohing and aahing over each ornament, my note taking was pitiful to non-existent.  Which means I don't really know who made what, nor can I point you to any tutorials.  I will be glad to add links to these photos if you leave the info in the comments.   

A tutorial from Karen of Blonde Design, can be found here.

Fancy Folded Star Ornament.  Not Only Quilts has a tutorial here.

Common Threads Newman has an easy-to-follow PDF here for these Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments.   

Origami Fabric Stars from Diane.  Read about her inspiration here.

Inspiration for this Embroidery Hoop Button Ornament from Kelly can be found here.

The Purl Bee has the tutorial for the Confetti Burst Ornaments (upper left corner) here.

I can't help but notice the short sleeves, flip-flops, and even shorts we were wearing at the beginning of December.  

Come on Mother Nature, this is Florida.  Bring back our regular weather.

Cindy Marvel
ECMQG Secretary


  1. The Twinkel, Twinkle Star came from the November/December issue of Quilting 20 McCall's Years The best of American Quilting. It had a great step by step tutorial on page 34. It was great fun!


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