Sew Days

I think, one of the nicest benefits of membership with ECMQG is our Sew Day.

The Fellowship Hall at Crestview Baptist Church is spacious with large round tables which are perfect for sharing, has tons of well positioned electrical outlets, and that big ol' floor which allows for easy basting or contemplation of your quilt design. 

I truly enjoy spending the hours after our regular meeting talking to and sharing ideas with other modern quilters.  For me, it's a mini-retreat with friends.  Friends who have varying quilting experience and interests.  We eat.  We encourage.  We play with fabric.  We laugh.  We help each other.  We learn.  We get to know each other a little better.  We form bonds and make plans.

Our Sew Days are visually stimulating and always inspirational.  As a member of ECMQG who lives nowhere close to Crestview, the opportunity to have six hours of sewing time with like-minded people is immeasurable, and to me, oh so worth the drive.

You should consider joining us if you haven't previously.  Members pay nothing extra for this time, as I mentioned, because it's a benefit of membership.  Guests who wish to join us, pay $5 for each Sew Day.

See you next Saturday, March 8th, for our next meeting and Sew Day.  I know you'll just love it!

Cindy Marvel
ECMQG Secretary  


Happy New Year! January Sew Day