Project Linus and Camp Corral

Way back in March, we had the pleasure of hosting a special guest from the local chapter of Project Linus, Melissa Scheiwe. 

One of our members, Kim, had received the following EMail:

My Darling Blanketeers,
I have been contacted by Dolly with Golden Corral to elicit our partnership with their Camp Corral located in Niceville.
Camp Corral is "a free summer camp for military children with priority given to wounded, disabled or fallen military families. For 2013 there are 18 camps in 14 states - two in Florida. For the 4-H Camp Timpoochee in Niceville, camp dates Aug 4-9 offering 100 children 'a week of a lifetime' ".
Basically, she would like 100 blankets to give to each of the children ages 8-15.  I of course told her we could meet her needs!  I'd like to have these blankets IN ADDITION to our regular recipients.  If everyone on the email list made 2 blankets in the next 5 months it would be done! 
I do not have the ratio of boys to girls yet, I'll keep you posted on that as the dates get closer.  (I am going to make a girl blanket for every boy blanket I make to try and keep it even.)
When you drop off your blankets, please specify which ones you made specifically for Camp Corral.
Of course feel free to contact me with any questions/ideas/suggestions.  Many thanks sweet ladies and big hugs and blessings to you all
Melissa Scheiwe
Project Linus Chapter Coordinator
Santa Rosa/Escambia Co's, FL

The short version is, Kim thought it would be a terrific project for us to undertake throughout 2013.  Not only is Niceville our backyard so-to-speak, but many of our members have military connections.

More personal though, at birth, Kim's son, received what she believes is a Project Linus blanket.  Four years later, he still loves it!

Here is Melissa giving her presentation.

I believe this picture is of a quilt she'd already received for Camp Corral.  If it's one of ours, my apologies.  Please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  

And here is one of the first quilt tops made after Melissa's talk.  Melanie's Cat in the Hat quilt, that literally, she must have started as soon as she left the meeting.  She shared this in the facebook group two days later.  Don't you just love that pieced border?     

Finished.  All quilted and super crinkly after being washed..

This top is from Kim.  It is made from a charm pack of Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater for Moda.  Such a fun, cheery, quilt.

Wendi just finished up this quilt.  It's made from Bonnie & Camille's Ruby collection which is also a Moda line.  You can read Wendi's post here.

Jean's patriotic friendship star quilt top was designed with a boy in mind who'll attend Camp Corral this August.  Her plan is to take it over to fellow ECMQG member Kristy's house and quilt it with the longarm.  Kristy wouldn't let us photograph the two quilts she'd finished.  Sad face.    

Teamwork for this little beauty.  Melanie's blocks + Wendi's design idea = another quilt for Project Linus.  Wendi's hoping to have this one quilted and bound by this Saturday's meeting.  

And lastly, the practice blocks from the improv piecing demonstration at our May meeting will be turned into another quilt(s).  If you were able to play with any of that donated fabric, please remember to bring your blocks to the meeting and SEW-day Saturday.

The ideal guidelines for Camp Corral Blankets are as follows:

  • Neutral gender blankets OR an even number of girl & boy blankets.
  • 36" x 36" minimum size.  These are for children ages 8 - 15 to snuggle with.
  • Military theme is nice, but not necessary.
  • Label your quilt.  Please.
  • Deadline for completion and delivery to Project Linus Coordinator is July 31, 2013.
When Kim first approached us about Project Linus and Camp Corral, I asked her why this was near and dear to her.  She sums it up perfectly, stating "I think like most quilters, I just want to share my love of quilts!  I don't think there is anything better than to give a child a wonderful handmade keepsake."

Let's keep the love flowing.  

ECMQG Secretary

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