Announcing... Our Fall MugRug Swap!!!

Hi everybody!  I know we're just finishing up our annual Scrappy Swap, but it's almost fall and it seems like a good time to get in the mood.  ECMQG will be hosting a Fall MugRug Swap.  As a participant, you may choose whether you would like a Halloween mugrug, a Thanksgiving mugrug or a generic fall themed mugrug.  Please know that this is a quick turnaround swap - you will have about 3 weeks to make your mugrug, so please plan accordingly.

So here are the details:

1.  Sign up in the comments by Wednesday, September 17.  Partners will be assigned by Sunday, September 21, so you will have 3 weeks to make your mugrug.  Be sure to mention 
  a.  If you would like your partner to make a Halloween mugrug, Thanksgiving mugrug, or generic fall-themed mugrug 
  b.  If you have a preference as to which item you make, please mention that as well
  c.  Your email address.  You may post it like this  wendimihalik at yahoo  so net bots can't spam you.

2.  Use only quilt shop quality fabrics.  No "big box store" fabrics, with the exception of the designer lines they may offer.  Joann's offers designer lines by Denyse Schmidt (DS Quilts), ModKid, Patty Young, Juliana Horner, and a few others.  

3.  Make your item with a modern aesthetic.  We are a MODERN quilt guild, after all.

4.  Make your item the best you know how.  Be sure to make something you would like to receive.

5.  No extras are necessary, but if you wish to include them you may.

6.  Bring your swap item to the OCTOBER guild meeting.  We'll swap with each other then.  (I always love the excitement of seeing what everyone has made!)

7.  Be sure and say "thank you" when you receive your gift.  It's only good manners, after all.

8.  Have fun!


  1. I really want to play, so I'll be first! I have so missed everyone!
    a. I would like a fall-ish mugrug. I plan on putting it on the wall in my classroom to celebrate the season.
    b. I will make whatever my partner would like
    c. wendimihalik at yahoo

  2. I'll play.
    a. fall would be great.
    b. I'll make whatever my partner wants
    c. harr703 at cox dot net

  3. Participating.
    I love pumpins, leaves, fall stuff.
    fayzer two at cox dot net

  4. I want to!
    a. Halloween is fine by me
    b. I'll do what ever my partner wants
    c. elainemcmichael at earthlink dot net

  5. Mine isn't showing up and I've posted 3 times now :( will this be the one that works??

  6. Whatever my partner wants to make. I LOVE everything about October!! SsnMcDuffie at gmail

  7. Halloween some ghosts or ghouls would be great. la139 at Hotmail dot com

  8. 1a. fallish (leaves, pumpkins)
    B. Not Halloween themed - I actively dislike the holiday.
    C. Rachelmreid at

  9. I would like to participate!
    Halloween theme but will make whatever my partner wants.
    Kathy at needledelights dot com

  10. I'd like to play! I would like a Halloween themed mug rug. I will do my best to make anything my partner wants in a mug rug. Thanks and happy autumn Halloween!

  11. I would love to be a part of the fun..... I'm not into Halloween so would love a partner who wants to do a Fall mug rug.... Joyfully50 at gmail dot com

  12. Count me in!
    I love Halloween, creepy and spooky (I have zombie fabric and I'm not afraid to use it!) Would love a partner who likes it scary! Natalie at natalievslp at gmail dot com

  13. Oh my gosh...third time's a charm? Having posting problems...

    I'm in...I love fall, and specifically pumpkins. I'm fine making anything! kelly.spear at gmail.

  14. I enjoyed doing the last swap and I would like to participate in this upcoming one. Any design is fine to me.

  15. Halloween! My favorite holiday, but y'all know that! I like it all. seelifemarvels at gmail dot con

  16. Oops! I forgot to leave my email. It's bmillika at Thanks! Can't wait!


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