F8 Cutting Tutorial ... How to Cut Fat Eighths in 3 Easy Slices

Since we are having our first fat eighth swap for 2016, I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to cut your yard of fabric into fat eighths the easy way - three slices with your rotary cutter!

You must begin with a whole yard of fabric.  Lay the fabric on your cutting mat.  Make sure the fold is straight on one of the lines on the mat.  Find the middle (at the 18" mark) and slice.  CUT 1.

Lay the two halves together and line up the folds on the edge of your mat.

Slice off the folds.  CUT 2.

Make sure the edge is on the "0" mark of your cutting mat, find the middle of the fabric.  Slice.  CUT 3.

Voila!  You've cut eight F8s, measuring approximately 11" x 18"!

For our swap purposes, each F8 should be folded individually for easy distribution.  

You will have a nice stack.

Place it in a zip lock bag labeled with your name.

Bring it to the meeting.  Put it on the swap table.  Go home with eight pieces of quilty goodness. =)  Have fun.  Sew!  Sew!  Sew!

REMEMBER:  You can swap up to three yards of fabric, but each must be in separate bags.


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