September Block Lottery

This month's block lottery block is Adorela from Angela Pingel who was very much inspired by contemporary Irish designer Orla Kiely.  She designed this for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and as you can see, the pattern is all about sewing curves.  It is a terrific introduction to the classic Drunkard's Path shape. 

Photo courtesy of Robert Kaufman

One of the reasons Loree, our guest block lottery presenter for the month of August, chose this design is because it hit several points on the modern quilting continuum.

Referring back to many of the discussions and activities ECMQG, under Natalie's education initiative, has had about what makes a modern quilt, you see this design's many features leave no doubt about it being a modern quilt.

Adorela uses minimalism - the entire quilt is not covered with the design.  It uses negative space - there is a large area of neutral, or background fabric, surrounding the design element.  Then there is also the use of alternate gridwork - the design is mostly on the right, or off center.  Additionally, the choice to use all solid fabrics is another element.  Any of these alone would make this a modern quilt; all of them make it very modern! 

As Angela instructs for the original quilt, we'll use Kona Snow as the background, but then change things around using a limited color pallette - buttery soft yellows and neutral grays. 

Meringue, Butter, Maize, Banana, and Mustard if you're using Kona solids; but it could be any yellow that fits into the color cards Loree prepared as takeaways for the meeting, and grays such as Kona Steel or Moda Graphite.

You can use solid fabrics from any GOOD QUALITY line - ModaFreeSpirit, Kona, Riley Blake, etc.  Your choice.

This block lottery requires you to download the pattern (free) and print templates.

Please remember to print at 100% and not the "print to fit" feature should your printer ask.  Sewn with an accurate 1/4" (scant .25") seam allowance, your block should be 11.5" once all sections are sewn together.

Edit:  How do I know I printed at the correct size?  Template B should measure 7.5" across.  This includes the seam allowances. 

If you are nervous about sewing curves or if you are worried that sewing curves is too hard, you'll want to watch these two videos here and here.  Notice that one video shows the concave curve on top and the other, the concave curve on bottom.  Try them both to see which works best for you. 

Let us know what you think.  Please ask questions in the comment section, or our Facebook page, or send us an Email.  We are here to help. 

Loree's sample Adorela blocks for a friend's quilt and Jackapotamus!
Thanks for trying something new!

Loree and Wendi

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