Block Lottery - Transparent Play

If you attended either the August meeting or the September meeting, you know the block lottery format changed a little bit.  

Laraine, the second of our guest presenters, chose the block shown September 17th and due October 8th.  Wanting to give us "something new, different, cool" to sink our teeth into, she chose the block called Transparent Play that Kitty Wilkin designed last summer.    

You can find Kitty writing about quilty things over on her blog, Night Quilter, and sharing pictures and snippets of her family life in rural Maine.  On Instagram, she is @nightquilter and would love to be tagged in your photos.    

As with all of the blocks presented for ECMQG's block lottery, please review our guidelines and rules.  Ask questions; share ideas, tips, or ah ha! moments.  You know if you have them, someone else does too! 

Transparent Play is a 12.5" unfinished block.  Laraine's examples showed us blocks made entirely with solid fabrics; but she said you can make them with prints if that's more your style.  Whichever you decide, please use Kona White for the background.  

Colors can be within the same color family (note the green block and the blue block) or, as in the middle picture, can be what happens when you blend colors like you do when mixing paint.  Fun, fun, FUN,   

Ideally, this block will allow you to explore color theory and color value.  As Laraine says "In selecting your solids, COLOR VALUE will play an important role.  Use the mono filter on your camera to see the correct light/medium/dark contrast." 

Two links that Laraine suggested for more in-depth knowledge of color value can be found here and here.  
Kitty's tutorial is detailed and straightforward.  Laraine recommends printing it to help you stay organized as you cut, pin, and sew.  She found it easy to cross through and check off items as she went along.    

Another item Laraine really liked from the tutorial, although not spelled out, is labeling your pins to help with that staying organized thing.  This block has a lot of pieces - 19 - to keep track of.  A good organization plan is key.  

Also, 19 pieces means a lot of seams.  Make sure your .25" seam is scant (by 1 width of your needle) before you begin.  When it's not, your final block size will be incorrect.  There is no point in being frustrated at the end, when you can prevent this from happening with a little bit of troubleshooting beforehand.  

Lastly, starch is your friend.  Both before you cut fabric and as your are pressing seams.

Thanks so much for trying this block and please don't hesitate to ask questions!

Laraine and Cindy

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