ECMQG Chair Sale

Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild will be hosting a Chair Sale after the regular meeting on November 12, 2016.  All members in good standing are invited to particpate.

Registration must be completed in advance using the Google form provided.  The registration fee is $10 and is payable via PayPal.  The deadline for registration and payment is Friday, October 28.  Our Paypal address is

Payment of the registration fee entitles participants to a 4-foot section of table and a folding chair.

Participants may sell anything they wish, as long as it is craft-related.  Quilting fabric is welcome, of course, but other ideas might be:
  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Paper Crafting supplies
  • Fabric (fabrics do not have to be modern)
  • Yarn
  • Tools or notions
  • Quilting or craft books
  • Patterns
  • Paint (fabric paint, puff paint, acrylic paint, etc.)
  • Beads and jewelry supplies
  • Finished goods

Seller is solely responsible for any money and should provide a "bank" with which to make change.

Purchasers are requested to pay for all purchases in cash.

No sales will take place until after lunch (approximately 1:00 p.m.)

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