Color Theory and Yoga Bag Workshop

Here are the plans Loree has put in place for our next meeting - February 11, 2017.  

As a lead-in to programs for March and April, Natalie is going to give an introduction to color theory.  

After lunch, Mary will facilitate a workshop for this yoga bag, an old tutorial from Modest Maven. 

Yoga Bag Workshop
Cost:  ECMQG'rs - FREE
          non-members $10 (payable at the door)

Over the years, Mary's made plenty of these for local craft shows and church bazaars.  She says they sell really well in addition to being terrific utilitarian gifts.    

In order to make the most of Mary's time and knowledge, please have your materials/supplies prepared BEFORE the workshop.  

You will need the following:

A PRINTED copy of the tutorial
Sewing supplies - machine, ruler, rotary cutter and cutting mat, thread, scissors, extension cord, pins or Wonder Clips
Zipper - 30" or longer
Fabric for the bag.  Please refer to the tutorial for specific sizes.

Notes:  For a quilted exterior like Mary prefers, you will need batting cut to the same sizes as the exterior and end circles.  Additionally, Mary reinforces her strap.  You will need batting cut to that size as well. 

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