September 2017 Meeting Minutes

         September 16, 2017 ECMQG Meeting

 Our September meeting began at 10:05 with Wendi in charge of the meeting.  Cindy had a family obligation. 
Wendi also was in charge of the October Block Lottery this month.  This block consists of a dark neutral (black or grey) center with selvages surrounding it, creating a spider web effect.  The pattern for the block is at  Also, see the post on this blog for the directions and step by step tutorial from Wendi.  You can view other member's blocks on our Facebook page, also.  A great pick for October, Wendi!  Wendi also shared a large box of selvages that she had saved for 7 years!

We enjoyed a wonderful display of quilts and quilt tops made from former Block Lotteries.

  It was amazing on our Anniversary Meeting to see such wonderful, modern, quilty goodness!

We had a good turnout with 20 members present and one guest, Ashley, Jill's friend.  We hope she comes back.

We studied the requirements for the upcoming MQG Kona Flamingo Challenge.  Natalie explained the requirements of using Flamingo and other solids.  The purpose of a challenge is to show where you are in your quilting skills, this time with solids only.  It is a 20x20 mini quilt that is to be created.  Natalie explained that it could be monochromatic or use many colors.  She reviewed and showed us on the display board what monochromatic is and what the use of many colors would look like.  Flamingo is a difficult color to match.  Natalie did an excellent job reviewing analogous,

complementary, monochromatic, and even triadic colors that we could use.  We will also be exhibiting these in the community.  Casbah was mentioned as a possibility.  These are due in December.

Loree explained our ARC Gateway charity quilt blocks for the modern Christmas tree quilt.  They are due at our Oct. 14th meeting.  

We discussed our November auction.  Each member needs to contribute at least one item to the auction.  Jill is busy taking photos to post to Instagram, where we are going to hold the online auction.  We will use Paypal to pay for the items.  Invite your friends to bid if they have an Instagram account or through you.  We hope to raise lots of money for our new year.  Quite a few items have already been donated.  These items are due at the October 14th meeting.

 Thank you, Jill and Cindy for your Instagram expertise!
We voted to purchase a set of two irons and two ironing boards, along with a display board like Natalie has used in her Color Theory lessons.  We did have a couple of irons donated and may not have to purchase those.  This way we can leave them with our other supplies at the church.

 As usual we had wonderful door prizes.  This time there were other goodies besides fabric.

Elections are coming in November.  If you would like to volunteer to be an officer for next year, please let us know by the October 14th meeting, so your name can be on the slate of nominees by November.  Also, in November we are having a chair sale again.  For $10 you may rent a table space and chair to sell items you have cleaned out of your stash and are willing to part with.
We had our luncheon and Anniversary celebration, then our sharing time, a lively game that involved swapping fat eighths, and finally, our Sit and Sew.  A wonderful meeting for September!

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