Modern vs. Traditional Quilting - What's the Difference?

Since starting the ECMQG, I've been asked several times, "Modern? What do you mean by modern?" And I find that when I'm put on the spot like that, it's hard to really answer that question.

One of the main things to keep in mind about our guild is that it doesn't necessarily matter if you're a modern quilter. What matters is the mindset of the quilter.

Can you appreciate what another person (who might have a different aesthetic or style than you) brings to the table?

If so, then you are more than welcome to be a part of our guild - even if you are a traditional quilter! There's room for all of us!

That said, being a Modern Quilt Guild, we will tend to highlight and focus on quilts that are modern in style, fabrics, and colors. That's what sets us apart. But that doesn't mean we don't appreciate traditional quilts or techniques.

I was just browsing around Flickr, and happened upon an interesting discussion. In that discussion, someone posted a link to a slide show that Cara from the St. Louis MQG put together, and I think it's very helpful in defining what is modern vs. traditional.

If you're interested in seeing this slide show, go here!


  1. I was going to point you to that slide show that Cara did. It's really well thought-out and helpful for those of us trying to explain our position.

  2. I see the difference! Perhaps once I make one it will understand even more. I was taught traditional and all it's little "rules", so it's difficult to just not go by them.

    Great slide show as well!


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