ECMQG's One Year Anniversary!

The September meeting of the ECMQG was a pretty special one, because we celebrated our One Year Anniversary!  Back at our August meeting, we exchanged scraps with each other for our second Scrap Swap Challenge (you can see the post about the first one here).  So for this meeting, we all brought back what we had made with those scraps, to give to the original owner.  Once again, we had a great time "ooohing" and "aaahing" over what everyone made.

We also had some pretty awesome giveaways, but unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of people receiving their prizes.  We had a couple of Winterkist charm packs donated by the awesome Monica Solorio-Snow (aka The Happy Zombie), two books donated by C&T Publishing/Stash Books, a Quick Curve Ruler donated by Jenny Pedigo of Sew Kind of Wonderful, and a gift card to the Local Quilt Shop which usually hosts us, Lynn's Sewing Center in Fort Walton Beach.  Amazing, right?

Instead of doing any kind of presentation or demonstration, everyone was asked to bring their first quilting/sewing related item (if they still had it) and/or a tip to share with everyone.  It was fun getting to know everyone better via their sewing beginnings!

We held this meeting at a member's house (Marcy), with the intention of quilting our Modern BOM Charity Quilt on her longarm.  The idea was that everyone who made a block would quilt their own block on the longarm, but in the end, we decided that in order to keep the quilting cohesive, Marcy would just quilt the whole thing.  Here it is all set up and ready to quilt!

We talked about some changes that will be happening with the guild in the upcoming months - not to worry, though!  It's all good!  We're going to be getting a bit more organized, and probably start combining our meetings and sew days, to make it easier for more people to come.  More info on that as it progresses.

It's awesome to still see this guild going strong after a year!

Our next sew is coming up at the end of the week - Saturday, October 13 at First Baptist Church in Crestview from noon until 6.  Come!  Bring whatever you'd like to work on!  And bring a snack!

Our next meeting is Friday, October 26 at Lynn's Sewing Center beginning at 10 am.  This is going to be a bit different than usual, because it will primarily be a work day for us.  Some of us are participating in a local craft fair that's being held the next day, so we'll be tagging our stuff, and getting it ready to sell!  We'll still hold a time of Show and Tell, so please still come and hang out with us!

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  1. Great meeting that day, and so many beautiful thoughtful swaps. I love this group!


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