Three Days

Yes, that's right.  Three days until our next meeting and SEW-day.  Yay!  Saturday, February 9th. Crestview Baptist Church inside the Fellowship Hall.  Enter from Cedar Avenue.  You'll know you're in the right place when you see the blue awnings.  

Remember this?  The L.O.V.e Mini Quilt from our own Kelly Bowser?

This is the Demonstration and Skill Builder for the month.  Our talented paper-piecing guru - have you seen her Bee blocks on flickr? - Kira Bell, is teaching.  She has printed three sizes of the templates, so you only need to bring your sewing supplies - fabric and scraps, batting, backing, binding, etc.  If you're staying for all six hours of the SEW-day, you could complete it easily. 

Three days - to decide, get your courage up, come out of your comfort zone - however you want to phrase it, to complete your application and enter a modern quilt or project for the 2013 Emerald Coast Quilt Retreat & Show.  At our last meeting, we were "challenged" to represent our aesthetic, which has previously gone unrecognized here on our edge of the Gulf Coast.  This is your time ladies.  With $150 in prize money available for each category, that's a lot of moolah for fabric.  Or goodies.  Or fabric.  Marcy is the liaison and will ensure your application, money, and photograph are in the hands of a Flying Needles QG member.  Should you choose to participate, your actual quilt or project isn't due until February 25th.  Details can be found here.  

We have also been invited to volunteer at the retreat.  Simply by giving three hours of your time, you gain admission to the show and the demonstrations.  The person to contact is Donna Hubbard via gina at BeachRetreatAndShow dot com.  Place "VOLUNTEER" in the subject line of your EMail. 

What is Modern Quilting?  Is it design?  Is it color?  Is it simple?  Is it complicated?  Is it detailed?  Is it traditional, but not quite?  Is it negative space?  Is it fussy?  Is it crowded, with a riot of color and texture and tiny pieces?  Is it planned?  Is it random?  Is it precise?  Is it wonky?  It's all of these.  Think about it.  Even machine piecing was "modern" when it was first attempted, and before it became the norm.

With your help, twice next week, Marcy will attempt to explain it with examples of our work and aesthetic, as well through books, blogs, and pictures.  Please, LOAN Marcy any quilts, blocks, WIPs, books, etc. that will allow more local quilters to see and understand what we like to do.  Please bring them to the meeting. 

See you Saturday.   

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