March ECMQG Minutes

Meeting minutes: March 15, 2015

Kira called the meeting to order at 10:06 am.  Kira welcomed members and visitors. There were 32 members present and 3 visitors.

Treasurer's Report
Nona reported that the guild has an adequate balance after MQG dues of $850. No definitive answer was available. National dues are based on the number of paid memberships on record as of December.

Two members celebrated birthdays this month. After a rousing Happy Birthday, each received a fabric lollipop.

QuiltCon 2015
Beverly showing the results of a class she took at Quiltcon
A presentation was given to the Guild by those members who attended QuiltCon 2015 held from February 19-22, in Austin, Texas. Becky, Yvonne, Marcy, Diane, Melissa J., Donna, Melissa L., Kelly and Beverly all gave glowing reports about how awesome the convention was. Each member had a variety of different experiences to share with the membership.
Photo Credit:  Cindy Marvel

The Guild submitted a quilt of our own design made with a color palette selected by the MQG to QuiltCon for exhibit at the show. The quilt was returned to us and will now be used as a charity quilt. The name “From Here To There And Back Again” was suggested for the quilt.

Modern Minutes
Defining Modern Quilting will now be called Modern Minutes. Kira introduced us to Modern Mirage by Lee Heinrich. Alternate grid work, bold solids, and negative space help define this as a modern quilt. Visit Lee Heinrich's blog at

Block Lottery

There were 34 blocks submitted for the lottery this month. Our lucky winners are: Mandy and Sherry who divided the blocks equally.

Mandy also showed us her completed top from last month's block lottery winnings.
Next month the block will be a Log Cabin using white and Kona Ash on one half and modern prints on the other. Please check out the blog for pictures and directions.

Charity Quilts
Blocks by Melissa J, Mary, Bobbi, Cindy, Natalie, and Wendi.   Pieced by Cindy.  Pattern is an adaptation of Reverse Rainbow Starburst Quilt by Flutter Kat.
Cindy has challenged the Guild to make some Reverse Rainbow Starburst blocks for a charity quilt to be donated to Children's Family First. Directions can be found on

Door Prizes

Fourteen members won door prizes ranging from charm packs to books. Congratulations!

Melissa J presented a wonderful program on the Quilt Design Process. Melissa was well prepared and enthusiastic about the process of quilt designing and finding inspiration. The program was well received by all present.

Our program next month will be a trip to A&E. A count was taken by show of hands. A special discount will be offered by A&E to ECMQG members. Please show your membership card and wear your name tag.

Show and Tell
ECMQG members don't just make quilts.  Natalie's daughter made this cute skirt from C&S fabric

Eleven members had show and tell for the Guild today. Included along with the quilts were several tote bags, mug rugs, baby quilts and a variety of stuffed animals presented by Natalie's daughter, who was visiting.


The Cotton and Steel fat eighth swap took place at this meeting. Many members participated and everyone seemed pleased with their new fabrics. The membership was reminded to please follow the rules of the swap, as posted on the blog, so that all participants receive the same value in the swap and to make it as easy as possible for the swap mamas.

We finished up with our Sew Day!  Lots of creativity here!

Respectfully submitted,
Wendi, Secretary
Donna, Asst. Secretary

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