July Block Lottery - Umbrella Block

For the July block we thought everyone needed an umbrella to keep the hot rays of the summer sun off of your head. So to do this we are presenting to you the April Shower’s block from Craftsy. This is a free block and we made a few modifications in the actual block. This block will be a fun block to get rid of some of your scraps and be bright and happy.
The colors will be your choice with the exception of the background and the umbrella handle. The background will be a neutral tan/sand or beige modern color. It may have a print on it but it must “read” neutral in the above colors. The handle to the umbrella will be in black.

Follow the directions for the block on Craftsy with the following changes: instead of cutting the handle 1 ½ by 5 in, cut it at 1 by 6”. Then to make the background adjust to this size, cut 1 square 6” instead of the original 5”. Also from the background fabric 2 strips 1 ½ “ by 9” instead of 8 ½ in. You will have a little extra but this makes it easier to trim back to the final unfinished block of 8 ½ or finished block of 8”.

As always, the aesthetic is modern and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Elaine or Susan!
Happy sewing,
Your block lottery team,
Susan and Elaine

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