Swapping Carolyn

We've said before, building a modern fabric stash is key to our growth as modern quilters.

Participation in guild projects is much easier when you're confident the fabric in your stash is modern.

Let's face it, we all have fabric from the days before we became interested in modern quilting. 

Some of us have collections of novelty prints, maybe batiks, or fabrics passed on from well-meaning relatives and friends, things that are perfect for other audiences, but not so much ECMQG projects.  

Now that you've committed to being a modern quilter (You ARE a participating member of ECMQG!) your stash might need an adjustment.  

We can help you do that. 
Photo from Westwood Acres Fabric

Scheduled for the February 11th meeting, the first fabric swap of 2017 is all about designer Carolyn Friedlander.  
Her architectural background gives her collections an understated linear aesthetic.  It is easy to incorporate pieces from any of the six collections she's designed for Robert Kaufman into projects that appeal to both women and men. 

Rules for the swap:  
ALL of Carolyn's quilting cottons are allowed.  Please DO NOT purchase other substrates - knit, canvas, or lawn.
You MAY swap UP TO three (3) yards of fabric.
Each yard MUST BE a different print.
Cut your fabric into F8s.  That measurement is roughly 11" x 18"  Cutting directions can be found here.

Pictures ARE required to avoid duplicates.  Please post them to our Facebook group.  We are more than willing to help; let us know what you need.
A big thank you to everyone who gave their input for this swap during the January meeting!  
ECMQG Board 2017
Cindy, Wendi, Roxie, Bobbi, Natalie


  1. Where do you buy Carolyn Friedlander fabric around here?

  2. I don't know Carol. Living in Pensacola, my go to LQS is A&E, who only had a few pieces from years and years ago. I'm unfamiliar with any of the stores in FWB, Crestview, and Destin. Again, years ago, Sherry at Quilting Around the Block had a little bit of one of her lines.


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