Notification of Proposed Changes to ECMQG ByLaws

September 30, 2017
Greetings Modern Quilters,

This post serves as notification of the annual review of the ECMQG ByLaws by the current Executive Board and 2-week notification of proposed changes to bylaws to be voted on at the October 14, 2017 meeting.

The Executive Board proposes the following changes:

Current: Article II: Members – Satellite membership and dues after mid-
year sections both state a flat fee of $15.

Proposed change: Change amount to $25.

Argument: Amount is commensurate with our current dues amount.
            Current: Article III: Officers – President

            Proposed change: Add the following duty:
                        The President shall maintain a written inventory of guild assets and
provide a copy to the Treasurer. To be updated as necessary
throughout the year of office.
            Argument: An accounting of assets must be maintained.

            Current: Article III: Officers – Past President

            Proposed change: Add the following duty:
                        The outgoing President and incoming President shall meet and
conduct an inventory of the guild assets before the new incoming
President takes office. Inventory documentation will be reconciled.

            Argument: Provides continuity and knowledge of guild assets.           

Please direct questions/discussion to any member of the executive board.
Thank you,
Natalie VanRandwyk
ECMQG Past President
Text 850-368-3326

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