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Way back in April, Kelly S posted this comment and question to our Facebook wall:  "I've been wanting to make a Modern Maples quilt for a while. Today, thanks to a sale on, I got all the fabric I need for it. Anyone else want to try to make one of these in time for the fall?"

She gave us the link to the Lark Crafts PDF and instructions as inspiration.

We also had Kelly B's finished quilt top to ogle.

She said it would be a "loose" QAL, with PLENTY of time to catch up.

Kira's fabric choice - Amy Butler (and a few others) large-print florals.

Since some of us don't play well with deadlines, "loose" sounded perfect!

A visual aid to help Bobbi cut her leaves.

Some of us immediately said yes.  

Kelly B's Modern Maples (left) in use.   

Others in the group were gently cajoled into joining.

Three of Marcy's leaves.

During our May meeting and Sew-day, several more people decided to join in on the fun. 

One leaf from Kelly S.

Kelly sent the following notes to everyone towards the beginning of June:
"Secondly, here's the schedule I came up with.  It's very relaxed, and I'm sure some of you could do this a lot quicker, but our goal is to finish by the Fall.  So I spread out the steps over 12 weeks.  That has us finishing in time for a reveal at our September meeting!  The way it's spread out also means that if you can't start right away, or if you fall behind, I think you can easily catch up.  The hardest week I think will be the first week, because it's just a lot of cutting.  So feel free to mix it up and change it to whatever works best for you - this is just a loose time table."

Wendi's fabric selection, Juggling Summer by Zen Chic.

Week 1 (June 10-16) - cut fabrics

More from Kelly S.

Week 2 (June 17-23) - make the four maple leaves for the first row, then assemble first row

Betty's leaves.

Week 3 (June 24-30) - make the two maple leaves for the second row, then assemble second row

A leaf from Wendi.

Week 4 (July 1-July 7) - make the three maple leaves for the third row, then assemble the third row

Leaf #2 from Wendi.

Week 5 (July 8-14) - make the three maple leaves for the fourth row, then assemble the fourth row

Wendi's leaf #3.

Week 6 (July 15-21) - make the four maple leaves for the fifth row, then assemble the fifth row

Wendi's leaf #4.

Week 7 (July 22-28) - make the two maple leaves for the sixth row, then assemble the sixth row

Six leaves from Elaine.

Week 8 (July 29-August 4) - assemble the quilt top

Three from Kira.

Week 9 (August 5-11) - prepare the backing

Kira's test layout.

Week 10 (August 12-18) - prepare the binding

Cindy's fabric selection.

Week 11 (August 19-25) - baste/quilt

Kira's Victor, working his magic on her Modern Maples quilt.

Week 12 (August 26-September 1) - bind

Kira's - quilted and ready for binding.

September 14 - ECMQG 2nd Anniversary Meeting/Modern Maples reveal!

How is your Modern Maples progress?  As you can see by the pictures in this post, which were published (mostly) to our Facebook wall, we're working at our own pace.  Personally I'm glad we still have a month until our reveal.  

ECMQG Secretary 

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