September Block Lottery

A rainy weekend is a good time to spend at the sewing machine, right?  

Wonky Cross Blocks are what we'll be making for our September Block Lottery. 

All active members of ECMQG are invited to create and submit blocks for the lottery.  This is our fundraising choice to help pay our dues to the MQG.  

Just as we've done the last two months, make a block (or two), submit them along with $1 for each block, during our regular guild meeting, and you just might go home with all of the blocks.  I keep repeating the same phrase "insta-quilt" because that's what it is.   

Our palette this time is the colors of the sea - emerald, teal, seafoam, aqua, turquoise, cyan, marine, etc. (That Kona Color Card is always a good reference point.)  Remember the colors we used for our Children in Crisis charity quilt last year? 

If you have some of these fabrics in your stash, great!  If not, maybe you have something similar.  I'm sure your favorite LQS has prints that are modern, geometric, and monochromatic.  Let this bundle be your inspiration.  

The contrast color should be black, or a shade of black; a print or a solid.  

Elizabeth Hartman - Oh, Fransson! - has a tutorial which can be found at Sew, Mama Sew.  Blocks made following her directions will finish at 8".   

Marcy, Kelly, Leslie and I were inspired by these placemats from Debbie, a member of the Seattle MQG and who blogs at A Quilter's Table.  Great colors.  Modern fabrics.  A winning combination.    

An Emerald Table
Congratulations to Diane for winning the Shades of Gray Star blocks from our August Block Lottery!

Y'all made a total of 26 blocks. 

In Diane's absence (remember, she was playing at Camp Stitchalot), we toyed with design layouts.

Our first, had all of the darker shades of gray in the center and left a nice strip of negative space around the 26th star.

Layout #2 has a row of the darker shades of gray as the fourth of six rows.  It also leaves room for negative space, although, not linear.

In layout #3, we only moved one block, but the negative space became square!  

Okay Diane.  The rest is up to you.

ECMQG Secretary


  1. Those look great! I don't know what I'll do but I love them!!

  2. Just a word of advice if you're making wonky cross blocks... The first time I did them, being the thrifty soul that I am, I thought I could skimp on the fabric and cut it smaller, because after all, I'm adding inches in the middle, right?? What with seam allowances and all, it didn't seem to work like that. I recommend following the instructions and cutting guidelines exactly in the tutorial.

  3. True Wendi. If you're trying to make skinny crosses, anything attempted with less than 1.5" strip wiill make your block smaller. Alternatively, if you know you want super skinny crosses, just increase the background fabric by .5" or .75" and trim to size afterwards. Jan Mullen of Cut Loose Quilts fame calls this the "ish" factor.


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