Christmas Swap Anyone?

Christmas pot holder - Fabric:  12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain (2010)

Hi!  Wendi Mihalik here saying "Merry Christmas!"  Well, maybe not yet.  But as the Spook-y Swap participants presented their goodies at the October 12 meeting, there seemed to be interest in a Christmas-themed Swap too.

To sign up to participate in the Christmas Swap, leave a comment below and tell us:
1.  Your name
2.  3 colors you would like your partner to use 
3.  One or two ideas about some cute quilty thing you would like to receive.  I've listed some ideas below, but the possibilities really are endless...

Sign ups will close Thursday, October, 24.  Partners will be assigned by Saturday, October 26 so you will have two full weeks to create your item. Be ready to present  your gift to your partner at the next ECMQG meeting on November 9. (This is a very short time frame, so you will want to plan your project accordingly.)

Christmas Stocking - Fabric:  Flurry by Kate Spain (2011)

Mug Rugs
Tree Skirts
Mini Quilts
Fabric Baskets 
Table Runner
Something else I haven't thought of?

Christmas Tree Pants (because not every tree wants to wear a skirt!) - Fabric:  Flurry by Kate Spain (2011)

So, here's the fine print:

1.  Please use modern quilt shop quality fabrics.  (No Jo-Ann's, Hobby Lobby or other Big Box store fabric, with the possible exception of fabric by modern designers.  Jo-Ann's for example, has fabric by Denyse Schmidt, Patty Young, Juliana Horner, ModKids and Cloud 9.)  Careful fabric selection is key - we are a MODERN quilt guild, after all.

2.  Make your item the best you know how.  Be sure to make something you would like to receive.

3.  Stretch yourself a little.  Maybe try a new process or technique.  We would love to have this little swap expand your quilting horizons a bit.

4.  Be sure and say "thank you" when you receive your gift.  It's only good manners, after all.

5.  Have fun!

I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will create!

Happy Swapping!

EDIT:  Comments/Sign-ups are now closed.


  1. I love these swaps!! Thanks Wendi & ECMQG for hosting this!
    1. Kira
    2. Red, Green and White.
    3. Table runner would be great or mini quilt or pillow cover.

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  3. Such a good idea Wendi, to use the comment box!! This is why I had secretly hoped you'd spearhead our swaps & exchanges - your experience & your ideas. Thank you.

    1 - Cindy
    2 - Lime, turquoise/aquamarine (y'all know me well enough now to know those two are my colors)
    3 - Pillow cover

  4. Ok, I am in..
    blue, green & white (sparklies if you can, if not no biggie-LOL!)
    a purse/bag, tree skirt or little table runner (more rectangle than square) or just something fun. Surprise me!

  5. I'm in...
    Yellow, Grey, White
    Table Runner please:)

  6. I'm in!!!
    1- Leslie
    2- Think bright modern Christmas Purple, Blue, and other bright colors
    3- I could really use a table runner, mini quilt, or cute basket, I also have some pillows on my couch in desperate need of covering in holiday cheer, so take your pick and i'm sure i will love anything you make!

    I can't wait I'm so excited!

  7. Okay I'm in.
    1. Melissa L
    2. Bright, modern Christmas colors - mint green, bright pink, lime
    3. Pillow cover, bunting, mini quilt - anything to deck the "halls" of my craft room with some Christmas cheer!

  8. I'm changing my mind. It's a woman's prerogative.
    Modern pinks, lime, aqua. Anything cute. Does not have to be Christmas fabric.
    mug rug, cute basket,
    Your choice - fabric basket, bag, mug rugs, .

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  10. 1 - Cindy
    2 - Oh, I forgot my third color - red. So mine are lime, aqua/turquoise, & red. I'd appreciate something Christmas themed or your modern take on Christmas using those colors.
    3 - Pillow cover. I have lots of pillows - all sizes - so don't let that throw you, that need seasonal covers. Just have fun. You know how happy I'll be.

  11. I'm in :)

    Teal, Brown, & Cream
    suprise me with anything cute, mini wall hanging, pillow,whatever :) I like it all

  12. Glenna texted me her info:
    1 - Glenna
    2 - red, green, & white for Christmas
    3 - Table runner or flag to hang, or really, anything. I'm easy!

  13. And I received a phone call from Liz who is very excited to participate.
    1 - Liz
    2 - Loves polka dots! Colors are pink or blue.
    3 - mini-quilt, mug rug, or anything you want to make

  14. This is the text message from Rhonda:
    1 - Rhonda
    2 - blue, turquoise, red
    3 - pillow cover, mug rug, or anything you'd like to make. Thanks.

  15. Wendi, is it too late to hop on the bandwagon? If not I would not mind another table runner in Christmas Colors! Or whatever creative Christmasy thing you can manage. :o)

  16. 1. Wendi
    2. Red/green and whatever accent color makes your heart sing.
    3. Since I'm staying home this year (and decorating!} maybe something festive for the table or a cute mini.


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