Quilt Challenge Accepted!

Good evening it's KaSandra Lee & this is my first ever post!  

I have volunteered to be ECMQG's newest Charity Gal, heading up our Quilt of Valor efforts which we talked about during October's meeting.  Actually, Marcy asked us, challenged us, to assist our local QOV chapter in completing 100 quilts by 1 December to donate to Florida veterans.

So many of us in ECMQG have ties to the military.  All branches.  All ranks.  Active duty, retired, or reservists.  We are civilians who work for and with the military, or we're dependents, or military members ourselves.  This challenge is a perfect fit for us.

While that is a short time-frame, I'm confident with your enthusiastic response, we can complete several.  Through our active Facebook users, we even have several ideas in the works, including a new Pinterest board for inspiration!

Any quilt that fits the guidelines set forth by the national QOV organization will be accepted.  However, we are a MQG affiliate, and our group quilts will reflect that aesthetic. 

A few options for those that are able to make some blocks by our 9 November meeting are:  red, white, and blue HST to make a quilt similar to this modern traditional quilt.

photo by 4.bp.blogspot.com
Keep in mind the QOV guidelines for no star burst patterns and all of your fabric selections should be "high quality 100% cotton quilting weight fabric appropriate for an adult".

1.  4 inch unfinished HSTs like the ones pictured above in a white/blue or white/red color combo.  
2.  I will piece blocks at our next sew-in, so please keep blocks in their unfinished size.

The second quilt I'm requesting blocks for looks like the ones in these quilts made by Sewing Summit 2012 attendees.  

Photo by goddessinprogress.blog.com
Notice how these blocks are scrappy, in either a red or blue colorway, with a white center star.  Blocks should be 12.5 inches unfinished.

A third quilt idea uses scrappy string blocks, just like the ones we made for our first block lottery, only these will be red, white and blue!

Photo by quiltnqueen.blogspot.com
Please use 12 x 12 paper (scrapbook paper) as your foundation.  The center string should be white - at least 1.5 inches wide.  One side of your strings will be scrappy and red; the other side will be scrappy and blue.  

I can collect blocks as you complete them, or at our next meeting on 9 November.  I plan to spend the sew-day portion piecing blocks so they can be quilted - I do own a longarm - prior to 1 December.

If you are going to help in this wonderful charity, please post in the comments section as we did for the Christmas Swap.

1 - name
2 - block design(s) because it helps to know which layout(s) I'll be working with. 

Because this will be an ongoing ECMQG community outreach and service project, just like our Project Linus efforts, Cindy suggested naming this project HONOR.  I have to agree with her choice!

I just love and appreciate that word like no other.  As I put on my uniform each day, I am truly honored, and happy, to serve our nation these past 15 years (and counting).  

Let's make our mark and show our gratitude to the wonderful service men and women who have, and still are, protecting this wonderful nation!

Thank you for your time and efforts on behalf of veterans everywhere!

ECMQG Charity Captain for Project HONOR


  1. as I am still learning, on the scrappy string blocks. if we do them 12.5 that is ok yes? I would rather do a little extra than not enough! I will try to do some but I will post before the meeting to let you know for sure. Elaine

  2. I will do some HST and string blocks.

  3. Oh good, KaSandra. I just went shopping the first of the week at A&E to add some red & blue fabrics to my stash. I'll make some HST's and the star blocks. Thank you SO much for making this project happen.

  4. Hey KaSandra, I would love to do some HST's and the Sting block. Time permitting. Not sure about that lovely star. Will need a tutorial so I can rap my head around it. They all look fun.

  5. Here is the lovely blog that demonstrates the star block. However they come out to 14 in I am happy with that if one chooses to follow this pattern. Otherwise the closest pattern would be the Sawtooth Star pattern which can be found at Quilterscache.com.


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