January and February 2015 Swaps

I am Cricket Harris and with the help of Yvonne Campbell, we will be arranging the swaps for this year.  

As a reminder, January's Swap is a F8 low volume swap, maximum of three different yard cuts.  Don't forget the meeting is this Saturday, January 10th!!!  

Bring your yard of fabric cut into F8s, each yard in an individual zip-top bag, and label the outside of your bag with your name.  At the meeting, drop your fabric off in the designated place.  Before you leave, you will receive your ziplock back with an assortment of F8s.  

For those still needing to cut fabric, here are the instructions posted earlier in the blog by Wendi Mihalik, last year's swap coordinator.

Cutting Modern Fat Eighths

1.  Press your fabric to remove the center crease.  Do not remove the selvages.

2.  Rotary cut your fabric lengthwise through the center.   This results in two pieces, each measuring approximately 22" x 36".

3.  Cut each 22" x 36" piece in half again lengthwise.  This gives you four pieces, each measuring 11" x 36".  

NOTE:  Solid fabrics are sometimes milled to wider widths than prints.  Be sure to measure the width and cut equal quarters.

4.  Cut each 11" x 36" piece in half crosswise.  This gives you eight pieces, each measuring 11" x 18".  A modern fat eighth.  

As always, if you have questions regarding the swap, or this tutorial, you can email me at cricket at superiorinhomecare dot com (M-F between 7 to 4:30) or harr703 at cox dot net anytime.  Your best bet is to text me on my cell phone or call me on my cell phone.  I am on the guild roster.  

February's Swap and our meeting lands on Valentine's Day!!!

For February, we are going to do a "Sweet Pouch" swap.  It will be a drawstring bag with a sweet treat for your partner.  

This will be a secret swap.  You will only know who you are making a bag for, and not who is making one for you.  

Sign ups are at the bottom of this post and close Saturday, January 17th.  I will assign partners on Sunday, the 18th, by the end of the day.  

There will be a program on this bag at the January 10th meeting.  I will be available after the meeting if you have questions, or would like assistance in making a test bag.  Materials needed, in addition to the normal notions, to sew a bag:  

- 3 fat quarters
- 2 yards of ribbon, or 1/8 yd fabric
- Coordinating thread

- Interfacing if you want to use it: enough for 2 cuts of 12.5" x 10.5" 

This is the lined drawstring bag we will be using for the swap.  The tutorial for the bag can be found on the blog, In Color Order by Jeni Baker. 

The only thing we would like is for the bag to made by the general pattern and finish close to the dimensions of the bag in the tutorial.  For example, you can piece the main fabric section of the bag, as in this tutorial, or if you want to make your bag striped, another tutorial is here.

Never done a neat nifty cut corner?  The tutorial is here.

All these tutorials are from Jeni Baker's In Color Order blog, so please pop over and let her know what you've made.  And maybe a "thank you" for the tutorials she worked so hard to give the quilting/sewing community.  

Hope to see you at the meeting!


Yvonne & Cricket
Swap Coordinators

Sign Ups:
Reminder, signups close January 17th!

E-mail:  blank at wherever dot com
Favorite colors:
Favorite sweet treats:

Name:  Cricket Harris
E-mail:  harr703 at cox dot net
Favorite colors:  all of them!  I know, no help at all...
Favorite sweet treats:  semi-sweet dark chocolate!  No red dye, no nuts please....allergies...other than that, I don't discriminate!


  1. Name: Kira
    E-mail: labellacolori@gmail.com
    Favorite colors: I love color but for this I'd like - mustard, deep fuchsia and teal. Think rich deep color in modern graphic prints.
    Favorite sweet treats: Dark Chocolate, sour patch kids and fruity things like starburst or skittles.

  2. Name: Becky Biddle
    E-mail: beckybiddle at gmail dot com
    Favorite colors: sea glass colors: robin egg blue, sea green, turquoise, sand, white, etc
    Favorite sweet treats: dark chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, peppermint patties

  3. Name: Donna Lacy
    E-mail: donnamarielacy at hotmail dot com
    Favorite colors: Sea glass colors: aquas, greens, blues
    Favorite sweet treats: chocolate!

  4. Name: Jean Turner
    Email: supermawmaw12@yahoo.com
    Favorite Colors: Red or teal or any color.
    Favorite sweet treats: No preference on candy.

  5. Name: Donna Holcomb
    Email: onehotmomof2@gmail.com
    Favorite Colors: Red, black, white, teal, purple,
    Favorite sweet treats: chocolate and peanut butter. No mint, dark or white chocolate.

  6. Name: Natalie VanRandwyk
    Email: natalie.imagines@gmail.com
    Favorite Colors: please use black and white prints with some red for contrast
    Favorite Treats: dark chocolate, anything coffee flavored, Werthers

  7. Name: Kim Godwin
    Email: kimgodwin722 (at) gmail (dot) com
    Favorite Colors: ALL OF THEM!!! But I would LOVE something in Red and Aqua.
    Favorite Treats: I'm not much of chocolate person, but I love Starburst, jelly beans and Sour Patch Kids (or any sour candy, really)

  8. Name: Elaine McMichael
    Email-elainemcmichael (at) earthlink (dot) net
    Favorite colors-cool colors, blues, greens, purples. Prefer no reds or pinks.. Yeah I know Valentines but what can I say?
    Favorite treats: dark chocolate, peanut butter, or anything like skittles or star bursts

  9. Name: Jennifer L. Perez
    Email: lorena712001(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Favorite color; summer colors
    favorite treats: Sour patch kids, kitkats or any chocolate with nuts

  10. Name:Mandy shipman
    Email: eodwife2006@gmail.com
    favorite color: no preferaance
    favorite treats: chocolate and caramel and gummies

  11. Name: Wendi Mihalik
    Email: wendimihalik at yahoo
    Favorite Color: I love bright, saturated colors. Brights on white make me sing! I'm not much for rainbows though.
    Favorite Treats: Plain, Peanut or Peanut Butter M&Ms, Reese's miniatures (the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is perfect in the miniatures!) and strawberry Twizzlers

  12. Name: Mary McFarlane
    Email: donmary at rogers dot com
    Colours and treats: Surprise me!

    1. Thanks, Mary. I hadn't forgotten you. Just hadn't had time to update things. Sorry.

  13. Name: Suzie McDaniel
    Email: suzanne.mcdaniel@gmail.com
    Favorite Color: Love Brights! Suprise Me! and Love fabrics with Birds and Trees if you've got some in your stash, but Really would be happy with anything!
    Favorite Treats: I love chocolate!! Not Dark or White or coconut, but anything else is great! I could do most any other candy except cinnamon

  14. Name: Cindy M
    Email: seelifemarvels at gmail dot com
    Colors and treats: Surprise me!
    Allergies: None

  15. Name: Diane Holman
    E-mail: ddholman1 at gmail dot com
    Favorite colors: Bright beachy colors - turquoise, etc...
    Favorite sweet treats: chocolate, nuts

    Name: Maureen Howard
    E-mail: Maureen2.Howard2 at gmail dot com
    Favorite colors: turquoise, black, gray, red
    Favorite sweet treats: love all treats except marshmallow (No peeps), love chocolate with nuts

  16. Name: Carol Johnstone
    E-mail: Carolmj11@gmail.com
    Favorite colors: pink and grey
    Favorite sweet treats: chocolate with nuts, toffee

  17. Name: Bobbi Millikan
    E-mail: bmillika at bellsouth dot net
    Favorite colors: any earthy colors with a pop of red
    Favorite sweet treats: Necco wafers, starburst, and or dark chocolate

  18. Name: Faye Nettles
    E-mail: fayzer2 at cox dot net
    Favorite colors: I'm a Florida girl so you probably know my colors.
    Favorite sweet treats: I'm diabetic so go easy here. Maybe dark chocolate (not sugar free).

  19. Name: Susan McDuffie
    Email: Crablife2 at gmail dot com
    Favorite Colors: Anything except florals.
    Allergies: Cats however I have a cat lol I just don't snuggle with her. She belongs to my middle son. And cigarette smoke.
    Favorite Treats: anything chocolate.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Name: Deb Robinson
    Email: rocker_235 at yahoo dot com
    Favorite Colors: blues
    Favorite Treats: Reese's, Twix, and Snickers

    Name: Kristy Shaffer
    Email: willamtshaffer at msn dot com
    Favorite Colors: red, pink, aqua
    Favorite Treats: dark chocolate with nuts, caramel, mint, etc...

  22. Name: Karol Dameron
    Email: karol1960 at yahoo dot com
    Favorite colors: blues (sea blue, country blue, aqua, royal, navy) and reds
    Favorite sweet treats: dark chocolate or chocolate (with almonds or nuts is fine)

  23. Name: KaSandra Lee
    Email: la139 at hotmaildot com
    Colors: neon would be cool or anything bright or springy
    Teats: skittles or kisses

  24. Name: Eliana Martin
    Email: williamtshaffer at gmail dot com
    Colors: light blue, white, purple, green
    Favorite sweet treats: dark chocolate, Milky Way, Reeses

  25. Name: Yvonne Campbell
    E-mail: yvcampbell77 at yahoo dot com
    Colors: Pink, teal, coral, lights, purple, fuchsia
    Favorite sweet treats: chocolates (no dark chocolates) anything with almonds & caramel


Happy New Year! January Sew Day