Upcoming Program: Foundation Paper Piecing

Becky, our Programs Director
Our next meeting is Saturday, February 14th.  Susan will be presenting our program on foundation paper piecing.  You may be asking,  "What is foundation paper piecing and why would I use it?"  

This is the answer: It is a very precise technique, used in quilting, to sew together a pattern, especially if it has small pieces or you want you block to be perfect.  Now... I think I can hear all of you saying, "What? Did she say 'perfect' and 'quilting' in the same sentence?  Impossible!"  There was a time that I would have agreed with you.  But once I discovered foundation paper piecing, all of that changed.  Read on...

For this technique, a special type of pattern is printed onto paper, like this: 
photo by Susan of ECMQG
Then pieces of fabric are sewn onto the paper in a certain order,
pressed and trimmed. 
photo by Susan of ECMQG
And there you have it, perfect angles, perfect points!

And the fun doesn't end there. Here are some other examples:

photo from: sewsweetness.com/
Foundation & Paper Piecing in Quilting: Coming Soon
from: www.averbforkeepingwarm.com 
modern scrap paper pieced star
photo from: wombatquilts.com/
If you'd like to try your hand at foundation paper piecing, Susan will be available after the meeting for a hands on demonstration and guidance.  This is during our regularly scheduled "Sew Day" time.  The sample project is for a 4" x 6" mug rug and she'll provide the pattern.

To participate, the following supplies are necessary: sewing machine, thread, fabrics of your choice, small cutting mat, rotary cutter, a 2" x 6" piece of thin cardboard, rotary cutting ruler, or the special "Add A Quarter" ruler.
See you soon,

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