{Getting Ready for} St. Simon's Craft Fair

The St. Simon's Craft Fair is almost upon us, and with all the excitement over our AWESOME Sew Modern Quilt Lab, and all the demands of autumn - school starting, new routines, and the countdown to the holidays - let's make sure this event fall is just as successful!

The St. Simon's Craft Fair will be held on November 6 - 7 at St. Simon's on the Sound Episcopal Church in Ft. Walton Beach.

If you have handmade items - or even have unfinished items - please remember to bring them to the October 10 meeting!

We are asking each member to bring 2 handmade items to sell at St. Simon's.

Stuck for ideas?  Not much time to create something handmade?  We've gotcha covered!  Check out our Pinterest board for some fun, quick ideas for handmade items that will sell!

Running out of time?  Maybe you can use our Sew Day to make a few items!

Maybe you have some orphan blocks lying around that just need some finishing to create a wonderful bazaar item!  Orphan blocks could make great pillow covers for example.  Sew Day would be a great time to turn a couple of orphan blocks into great handmade items for St. Simon's.

Maybe you started something and haven't had time to get back to it...  Sew Day would be a great time to finish up those items - or even get some help finishing them up.  There are always willing hands and hearts at Sew Day.

Kristy and Deb will have a booth mock up at our October 10th meeting, and it is always fun to see it come together as people add their contributions to the booth.  Please bring yours and help make our booth a success!

Don't forget to sign up to work a shift!  Kristy and Deb will need everyone's help to man the booth.

Working together we can make this event a success!

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