Happy New Year Modern Quilters!

A Modern Window  

Welcome to the new year and a chance to stretch your technical and creative abilities with the ECMQG Block Lottery

I found this original block on Instagram from Angelica Jones, aka @stitchedconamor, who kindly gave us permission to publish her idea.

 C+S and Anna Maria Horner fabric

The basic rectangle shape in several sizes is the foundation for the block.  We'll construct a window frame with either a tone-on-tone print or a solid neutral (think lighter shades of tan, cream, barely brown).  The view through the window if you will, is a fussy cut fabric from the cool color spectrum - something green, aqua, blue, or purple.  

Scant quarter inch seams are necessary.  I like this  tutorial if you need to practice!  Sewn and trimmed accurately, this block finishes at 10.5" square. 

Refer to the pictures for directionality and fussy cutting orientation.

From your window frame fabrics, cut the following sizes:  

two pieces at 1.5" x 6"
two pieces at 2" x 5"
one piece at 3.5" x 5"
one piece at 2" x 10.5"

From your window view fabrics, fussy cut these sizes:

one piece 3" x 6"
one piece 3.5" x 4.5"
one piece 3" x 9"

Begin framing your center 3" x 6" rectangle by sewing a 1.5" x 6" "frame" piece to each of the long sides.  Press to the darker fabric.

After pressing, sew the smaller 2" x 5" "frame" pieces to the top and bottom.  Press to the center.  This is unit A.

Sew your 3.5" x 5" "frame" to the bottom of a fussy cut 3.5'" x 4.5" rectangle.  Press to the darker fabric. 

This is unit B.  

Sew units A and B together along the longer edge.  Press seam open.

Sew the third fussy cut rectangle, the 3" x 9" piece, to the long edge of the previous piece.  Press seams to the darker fabric.

Lastly, attach the 2" x 10.5" "frame" fabric across the top of the previous block, sewing along the 10.5" sides.  Press seam open.

I use a light starch when pressing my seams.  This helps flatten bulky seams, sets stitches, and gives your block a nice finish for trimming.  

Art Gallery and Charlie Harper fabric
Art Gallery and Carolyn Friedlander fabric

It's fun to see the blocks as they're made.  Please share your pictures to our closed Facebook group and to Instagram.  The hashtags to use on IG are #ecmqg #ecmqgblocklottery #modernwindowblock, and of course, tagging Angelica, @stitchedconamor, would be most appreciated!  

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!

Elaine and Susan

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