Modern Flying Geese - April 2017 Block Lottery

We've made flying geese in the past, but never have we made them modern.  That's changing with the block lottery for April.  

Not only are we stepping into the improv dimension, we are using ALL solid fabrics and there is a color challenge involved.  Let's be honest, more ECMQG'rs are comfortable making modern traditional blocks and quilts.  This month we're asking you to step away from that zone.   

Loree's idea, inspired by Pinterest images, comes from blogger (pattern designer, author, editor and QUILT MAKER) Jenifer Dick.  

Jenifer's blog, 42 Quilts .com, hosted a regular weekly feature, Modern Monday, that began way back in 2011 when blogging was hot, Flickr was hotter, and few modern quilt guilds existed.  Each Monday for 62 weeks, Jenifer shared her method for making some pretty awesome modern quilt blocks improv style!  Every Tuesday, those same blocks were made traditionally.

Our block lottery is improv flying geese, Block 18 in Jenifer's series. Her method and tutorial can be found here.

Remember, it is improv.  You will loose a few points.  Don't be concerned. 

For us, please use Kona Medium Gray as your background.  ANY solid colored fabric will make up your geese.  Ideally, the width of your "block" will fall somewhere in the 5.5" to 7.5" range.
The color challenge, if you choose to accept it, is based on the second part of the Color Theory program Natalie presented - color value - which refers to lightness or darkness.  

Here's an example of a four step value change.  Note:  Not all of the geese are even in the same color families.  :)  That's okay.  

Here's an example of a five step value change.

We encourage you to try these techniques - improv and playing with color value.  Whoever wins these blocks is going to have a pretty amazing quilt

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  1. Please tell me where you guys got your Kona medium grey fabric. I've looked several places. Will check A Quilter's Place Tuesday.


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