Where's My Ruler?

Your quilter's toolbox is full of items that are necessities - a sewing machine, high quality thread, flat head pins, rotary cutter, self-healing cutting mat, acrylic ruler, clips, disappearing ink marking pens, etc.  Each and everyone designed to make quilting easier.  

What happens when you take one of these essential tools away?  Come to the March meeting and find out.  

Diane's showing some of her striking improv quilts and leading us in the first of three (March - May) consecutive mini-workshops.  These sit and sew sessions will explore color theory by way of rulerless strip piecing (improv) using solid fabrics.  Yes, you read that correctly - rulerless, solids, improv.  Exciting and challenging!

Diane says "This class is FUN and EASY; we'll take our time and you should really enjoy the process."  

The process being cutting random width, length of fabric strips and sewing them into interesting patterns.  At the end of the third session, you should have a wall hanging or a small quilt.

Because you're a member of ECMQG, there is no fee for any of these three workshops. The guest and non-member fee is $15 per session, payable at the door.

Supply list:

 - large cutting mat
 - sharp rotary cutter 
 - sewing machine and supplies  
 - extension cord
 - iron and ironing board

Neutral Fabric 

 - 1 yard of white OR light gray
 - 1 yard of black OR dark gray 


Colored Fabrics (Option 1)

 - 1 yard EACH of a light, medium, and dark from the SAME color family.  (EX. orange)  
 - 1 yard EACH of a light, medium, and dark from the SAME color family.  (EX. blue)
 Option 1 Fabrics - Dark, medium, and light same color family; 2 colors.  

Colored Fabrics (Option 2)

- 1 yard EACH of TWO colors that are LIGHT or PALE.  (EX. pale yellow and pale green) 
- 1 yard EACH of TWO colors that are MEDIUM.  (EX. medium pink and medium orange)
- 1 yard EACH of TWO colors that are DARK.  (EX. dark blue and dark purple)

Option 2 Fabrics - Two lights, 2 mediums, two darks.
This program, and subsequent sit and sew workshops, will allow you to dabble with improv and think about how colors interact with each other.  We hope you'll be hooked! 

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