Black and White Half Square Triangles

Block Lottery for September 2018

Each block lottery block will consist of four half square triangles (HST), but the four HST will not be sewn together. More on that below.

The fabrics are Kona Snow for the white AND  black and white prints, in any saturation - predominantly black, predominantly white, or fairly even.

To make one block lottery block, you will need:

Two (2) 6” squares of Kona Snow
Two (2) 6” squares of black and white print

Start with one Kona Snow square and one black/white square.

Draw a pencil line on the Kona Snow 6” square diagonally from corner to corner.

Layer the 6” Kona Snow square on top of a 6” black and white print square, right sides together. Your pencil line should be facing up so you can see it.

Stitch ¼” on each side of the drawn line.

Cut on the drawn line, between the two rows of stitching.

You now have two identical HSTs. Press the seams open.

Make two more HSTs using the same instructions. Use Kona Snow again, but the black and white print fabric can be different if you wish.

You now have four (4) HSTs. Trim all of them to 5 ½” square. These four HSTs count as one block lottery block entry, but DO NOT SEW THEM TOGETHER.  Leave them as individual HSTs, and count four of them as one block lottery entry.

Have fun making the ever so versatile HST in black and white!

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