August 2018 Meeting Minutes

ECMQG Meeting Minutes                                         Aug. 11, 2018

Rachel is back.  She was here last month, and was a previous member a few years ago.  She joined today.  Yay!

Moment of silence.

New junior member, Athena, introduced.  (Linda’s daughter)

Loree set up the ECMQG Fun Fair for this months meeting, featuring concessions of popcorn, cotton candy, cracker jacks, peanuts.  For $1.00, you pick your snack.

Loree baked a homemade peach pie to raffle off, $1.00 per ticket to win. 

If you are still supposed to receive Faye’s blender fabrics, see Loree.

Food Sign Up Sheet for next meeting was available to sign up.  Please spread the love!

Auction items are due at the Oct. 13 meeting so we have time to catalog, take photos, etc. 
o   The auction is Nov. 1 – 15.  Cindy will be organizing the auction. 
o   Please help support our guild and make items! 
o   There is a form to fill out per item.  The form will be posted on our guild Facebook page. 
o   We need volunteers to help catalog, take photos, and then afterwards to help pack and ship items.  We would like to make the packing exciting to receive.

Dress a Girl Around the World will be headed up by Maureen.
o   Please bring fabric for these projects. 
o   There are patterns to use. 
o   The fabric requirements:  a) you should not be able to see through it when you hold it up, b) don’t use fabric with licensed logos like Disney, movie themes, etc., and no americana (red, white & blue),  c) good choices are flowers, stripes, and solids, d) trim, ribbons, etc. should be washable, e) fabric does not need to be modern. 
o   Maybe we can do these together in a sit-n-sew.

Charity quilts
o   We decided to pay for 2 charity quilts for this year (last Feb.).
o   The Hospice Quilt is done and delivered. Yay!
o   The Popsicle Quilt still needs more quilting.  (Natalie’s long arm broke.)  Marsha volunteered to finish the quilting, Faye volunteered to do the binding, and Loree will do the label.
·       We need to chose a charity to receive this quilt.  Fischer House has already happened this year.  ARC Gateway is usually a Christmas theme, and we determined that it could not be used for the next Hospice quilt.
·       Keep your eyes open for a charity that could use this quilt to auction off.   

o   Lorraine made a quilt top from the pluses we had.   See Show & Tell today.  We still need to make the back, and quilt it. 
                  o   We have more pluses to make another charity quilt.
o   Rachel volunteered to quilt the red, white & blue Adore-La quilt. 
o   MQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge
·       The theme is small piecing with a set of allowed colors.  See the website for details. 
·       Does anyone have any ideas?!
·       If you have an idea, it needs to be presented by the next meeting, Sept. Please submit a design proposal, an estimate of fabric costs (top, back, binding), and a timeline for completion.
·       The guild has batting for this quilt.
·       Check out our guild Pinterest board for ideas!

 Athena won the 1st door prize! Yay! 

Loree won twice in a row, and gave the second one of Alison Glass to Wendi who is making a quilt of this.

Linda gave a treasurer’s report.  The bottom line is that we are staying just above the red, so we need to continue to think about not spending too much money.

We discussed our insurance, and about possibilities to reduce this cost.

We purchased the accounting software Aplos, which was comparible to other software.  On nice feature is that any board member can go online and get updates on our finances.

Anniversary Meeting is coming up next month in September!!!!!!

o   We discussed how to celebrate and budget.  We voted to keep the budget at $100 or less. 
o   Wendi will shop for fabric, tools, etc. as prizes.  We discussed types of fabric and tools, etc. that people would like.  cool!
o   Linda will bake a cake, to save the money from buying a cake, and well, homemade tastes great!
o   We discussed how we should award tickets to win prizes and which prize you win.  We decided that everyone will get one ticket for membership, plus one additional ticket for every meeting that you have attended Jan. – Aug. 2018.  When your ticket is randomly picked – you get to chose out of all of the prizes, which prize you want.  Yay!!!!!!!

Go to to see the guest speaker, the different quilt challenges, charity quilt challenge, the swap opportunity, etc. 
o   Natalie told us about her experience with a swap event at the conference in Savannah, GA.  She had to make something for one of the instructors so she was nervous, so she said she had to “step up her game” but that it was a good opportunity to grow as an artist.
o   For the Swap opportunity, you get to sign up for your level: beginner, intermediate, and expert (maybe other categories…). 
o   There is a 2-color challenge.  Tone on tone fabric counts as 2 fabrics.  hunh! 
o   There is a list of categories and prizes to enter quilts.
o   Entries are due Nov. 30, which means you fill out a form and pay the fee, $15/quilt (even if not accepted, overhead expense…)

Our Swap for next month, the Anniversary Meeting was discussed.
o   Last month, everyone interested blindly chose 3 crayons, then picked scrap fabric with these 3 colors and add one neutral.  We brought these in a one quart bag to today’s meeting.
o   Later in the meeting, we picked a bag of fabric that was hidden. 
o   The maker talks to the person whose fabric they chose, to find out more what they want. 
o   Everyone is to make a table top that must be a least 12” x 18” or larger. 
o   The item must be finished for the next meeting, including machine quilting or handiwork, etc.  However, some people like Loree, have asked that hers does not have a binding on it because she wants to make a pillow case with it.  Other people could be interested in making a tote out of it, for example.
o   The maker can also add one other color.
o   Natalie presented many examples of what colors that makers could chose, using color fabric squares on the board with the color wheel.  Examples:
·       Lorraine had picked 3 analogous colors:  dark green, yellow-green, and yellow.  Complimentary color that could be added would be purple, and if used sparingly could make it peaceful.  Blue-green could be added as an analogous color scheme.  We couldn’t really pick colors for a triad with these.
·       Lisa chose red-violet (looked pink), blue-green, and blue, which is an anologous range, and could stay happy if added purple, red, or blue-violet.  She tried a split complimentary with red-orange, but it didn’t look great.
·       Maureen also had analogous:  red-violet (pink), orange, and a yellow-orange.  Can add other colors in the same analogous region or a complimentary color, blue-green.
·       Her advice was to play with your scraps on a design board.
·       Cindy had red-violet or ~mauve, blue-violet, and sky blue, an analogous scheme which you can add another analogous color, or make it pop with yellow-green.
·       Faye had contrasting colors yellow, red-violet, and blue-green which was a triadic scheme already.  Probably don’t want to add a different color, maybe one from the same family.
·       Linda had purple, red, sky blue, an analogous scheme.  Could pop with yellow but then looks like primary colors, or add another blue or blue-green.
·       Loree had cerelean blue, cornflower blue, and pink (red-violet), which is fairly analogous.  Here I didn’t write down what she said…

We discussed this month’s Block Lottery, the Improv Curves.
o   Different people had advice.  Cindy didn’t use starch, and did use a small stitch length.
o   Wendi suggested to snip the curve seam allowance on the back to help prevent puckering, as in garment sewing.
o   Many people agreed that it turned out better if you matched the curves in the center first (instead of the ends).  Lisa started pinning at the center, and then pinned outward to the ends.
o   Lisa won the Block Lottery. Yay!  Pictures of blocks:

Maureen presented the new Block Lottery for September.
o   They are half square triangles. 
o   Use a 6” square of Kona snow and a 6” square of black and white print fabric.
o   Place them right sides together.  Maureen marked the diagonal with pencil first on the Kona snow.  Then sew ¼” away from diagonal on both sides.  Cut apart to make 2 squares of half square triangles.  Do this one more time, to have a set of 4 squares (of the half square triangles), and this will be considered “one block”.  However, do not sew them together, to allow the winner many options of how to put these blocks together.  Cool!   These are pictures showing different ways they could be arranged by the winner:

Show & Tell:
o   Lorraine made a plus quilt top from the pluses the guild had in red, white & blue.  Loree will make the back and Rachel will quilt it.  It looks awesome! Thank you!   This will be a quilt of honor for our inventory, until someone recommends a recipient. 
o   Cindy put together a red, white & blue Adore-La quilt.  Cindy will make the back and Rachel will quilt this one too!!!  We hope Rachel doesn’t get burnt out. ;) 
o   Natalie showed her quilt made on vacation.  Pieced with her mother’s very old maching and then quilted on a Bernina rented for $10/day.  We had no idea it was this cheap!  Really cool pattern!
o   Marsha showed 2 Quilts of Valor.  The first one was from the Quilter’s calendar (maybe June or July?).  This is for her son in the Air Force, and is entitled “Third generation”.  The second one is for her husband using blocks of the month from her other guild.  Nice work Marsha!  Marsha added beautiful labels and a label with washing instructions. 
o   Lisa showed a Patriotic quilt for her stepson in the Navy, and just flew off to start training in the Navy Seals.  (He couldn’t take the quilt with him yet.) 

o   Rachel showed a quilt top she made from her winning the block lottery at our guild in 2014!  The blocks were a tutorial quilt-a-long, and she also used the trimmings from these blocks.  It looks cool!  She will use wonky log cabins from her recent guild, McKinney Modern Quilt Guild (in Texas).  Welcome back to our guild and Florida, Rachel! 
o   Maureen showed a quilt she made and had Rachel quilt it.  Cool!
o   Faye showed fancy comfortable underwear for her daughters, using a pattern called “Scrundies” (spelling?).  Fancy!
  Wendi showed large strips of a quilt top using all polka dots.  At the sit-n-sew today, she has sewn all of them together and worked on the Quilt of Honor that others had helped make a few blocks. 

Faye won the homemade peach pie! Yay!

We will discuss quilt labels in a future meeting since we the meeting has been long enough.

See you next month!

Written by Lisa, substituting for Roxie this month.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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