October Meeting Minutes 2018

Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild Meeting         October 13, 2018
Meeting came to order after moving into our new home at 10:40.  We are now meeting at First United Methodist Church in Crestview.
Moment of Silence especially for the Hurricane Michael victims.
Loree explained our cute Pumpkin Surprise drawing.  We can buy chances for $1.00 to raise money for the guild.  We also have our door prizes and block lottery to buy tickets for.
  • We discussed ways to help the church for donating the meeting room free of charge.  We all took in food items (nonperishable) for this month’s meeting, which they donate to the homeless. If you choose to donate canned items, make sure they are pull tops.
  • We also talked about helping the Girl Scout troop that meets in that room.  We could help them earn their sewing badges by helping them sew items and make a simple pouch or something.  Roxie will contact the church and find out the name of the GS leaders.
  • For Hurricane Relief help we decided to wait awhile and find out what will be needed after the dust settles.  We may decide to help a quilt guild that has lost fabric and supplies.
  • Update:  Plus Quilt is finished except for making a back for it.  It will be used for a charity quilt. 
  • Do we want to change the rules back on the Block Lottery?  We decided to leave as is.
  • Pictures will be taken today of auction items thanks to Natalie and Loree.  Thanks for helping with that.
  • Linda gave us a Treasurer’s Report.  She decreased our D&O insurance through negotiations with the agent. Way to go Linda! 
  • We took nominations for the board.  A slate of candidates will be presented at the November meeting to be voted upon for the ECMQG Board 2019.
  • The ByLaw proposal passed so now there is a new committee position of webmaster to handle our online accounts. Lisa has shown interest in this position.
  • Committee positions will be discussed and volunteers for these roles will be taken at the November meeting.
  • November 30th is the entry deadline for quilts in competition at Quiltcon 2019 in Nashville.  Natalie encouraged us to do the miniswap where you get to meet your fellow quilter at Quiltcon.  She did this last year and really enjoyed it.  Sign up for the miniquilt swap is due by Oct. 25th. 
  • We did not receive a proposal from anyone or a group to do a Charity quilt for Quiltcon this year.  In April or May of next year we will have the colors for 2020 and can decide if we want to do one for 2020.
  • Flying Needles is doing a retreat.  It will be held the same weekend as Quiltcon.  We do have people interested.  So, next month a lady from Flying Needles will come and educate us as to what their Retreat is like.  Nancy Majone is their featured quilter at this 2019 Retreat.
  • The Guild is requesting that all debit cards be returned to the treasurer next month.  We are approaching our new year.  We should pay our membership next month and elect new officers. 
  • Natalie would like to do an Amy Butler swap in January since she is retiring.  You can purchase Amy Butler fabric from online stores, local quilt shops, and destash sites.  Post what you buy on our FB page so that everyone will know what to get and what not to get.  It will be a Fat Quarter swap.  You purchase 2 yds of the same fabric and cut it into 8 Fat Quarters.  Then, you will receive other Fat Quarters so that you have a total of 8 Fat Quarters.  There is a two print per person limit.  We are swapping large, modern florals.
  • Loree shared her new Block Lottery block for November.  It is a improve triangle block with Kona Geranium as the background.  She brought Kona Geranium to cut and allow us to buy.  Loree gave out written directions for the Wonky Triangle Block and we looked at her pretty examples.  She used the Kona Geranium, light pinks, beige, grey, and black and white prints.  All are prints except the Kona Geranium.  She also did a black running stitch with 3 strands of embroidery floss (DMC).  You can put the black hand stitching anywhere you want on your block.
  • Next month we will have a sign up for next year’s Block Lottery.  Laraine encouraged us to sign up for 1 or 2 months.  

We had a request for some expenditures by the board.  They need money for promotional materials with our new address on them…business cards.  Expenditure not to exceed $50.  It was motioned, seconded, and passed.
Also, we discussed having rotating people to do the purchasing for door prizes.  We budgeted $50 a month or $150 a quarter and approved that and Laraine to be the first purchaser for Quarter 1 of 2019.
We also approved an expenditure of $60 for 6 yds. of Membership Fabric for complimentary Fat Quarters for membership renewal for 2019.
Show and Tell
  • Laraine had a beautiful scarf or kitchen shawl for the auction to share.
  • Marsha shared her quilting of the beautiful popsicle quilt which will become a charity quilt, also. Maureen will bind it for us. 
  • Lisa shared her beautiful charcoal pillow tops with flying geese for the auction.
  • Natalie shared her gorgeous Sew Together Bag for the auction. She also shared a nice Open Wide Bag by Noodlehead.  It had blue cork on the bottom.
  • Natalie also had a scrappy blue and brown quilt top 
 We adjourned for Lunch and selling the Kona fabric and sewing time.

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