ECMQG's First Block Lottery

As mentioned at the meeting this past Saturday, we are beginning something new to defray the expense of our national MQG affiliation dues.  That something is a block lottery. 

Block lottery?  What's that?

Each month, we'll make a specific block.  I'll post pictures and a tutorial (or links to find a tutorial), along with our color pallet.  The following month, all completed blocks, plus $1 for each block, enters you in the lottery. One lucky person wins all of the blocks.  Voila! Insta-quilt!!

We're starting with a very simple and easy technique for 12" scrappy string blocks.  Scrapbook paper works great - it's already 12" x 12".  Your center diagonal strip HAS to be white.  It can be any width from 1" - 2". There is no color pallet this month.  

That's it.  The rest is your choice.  Think scrappy.  Think colorful.  Think fun.

Wendi has already completed one block.  She is fast!  How cool is that blender fabric?  L.O.V.E. it!  

This rectangular block is Kira's from her Little Bitty Bag pattern and tutorial.  You can find it here.

Same principal as if you were making a square.  Just remember to keep your center diagonal strip white.

These are blocks I completed last year for Margaret's Hope Chest.  White center strip, just like we're making, then cut-up and rearranged.  

Through the Wrapped in Hope project, these blocks were destined for little girl's birthday quilt. 

Flickr is a great source of inspiration.  Type in "string blocks" and lots of pretties pop up.

These immediately caught my attention because of their use of solids.  

Used with permission - chloeandme via flickr

A quick Google search for "string block tutorial" lists several that are very helpful.  Two that I really like are from filminthefridge and psiquilt.  

This should get you started.  It will be fun to see what everyone makes.  It will be even more fun to see who wins.

ECMQG Secretary 

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  1. Kira, very nice blog! This was the first time I visited your blog and I am impressed and inspired by your great photos and instructions. Thanks!


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