A Little Business

January.  2014.  Time for a few changes to ECMQG.

Nothing major, we're just trying to be better organized and better prepared for the changes that we know will happen.

Everyone who attended our December meeting, knows our Treasurer, Leslie, stepped down because a new job opportunity took her out of our area.  Good for her; sad for us.

However, Leslie's position was filled quickly as Wendi volunteered to uphold those responsibilities and duties.  A vote by all members present, with a majority of raised hands signalling acceptance, sealed the deal.  A big thank you to both of them for volunteering and serving.  Leslie, we will miss you!

The 2014 ECMQG Executive Board is now: 

Marcy G - President
Kelly S - Vice-President
Cindy M - Secretary
Wendi M - Treasurer

Each of us can be reached via EMail - emeraldcoastmqg at gmail dot com should you have ideas, questions, or concerns.    

January also means it's time to renew our memberships.

Annual dues are $25 for full members; $12.50 for junior members (those under the age of 18); and $15 for satellite members.

Dues are payable annually, and are not refundable or prorated.  To be considered a member in good standing, your 2014 dues must be renewed by February 15, 2014.

There are advantages to membership:
  • No charge for meetings or sew-days
  • Automatic membership with the MQG (immediate savings of $25!)
  • Ability to vote in ECMQG matters
  • Participation in ECMQG swaps, exchanges, bees, field trips, and special events
  • Priority registration for retreats, workshops, and sew-ins
  • Discounts at local quilt shops!

During our December Executive Board Meeting, we further defined and voted on the following changes to our bylaws: 

Article II: Members

Membership may be granted to anyone residing in the state of Florida 18 years or older upon completion of membership application and payment of dues. Members must adhere to the code of conduct to remain in good standing and maintain membership.

Membership in ECMQG also entitles you to membership with The Modern Quilt Guild.

Junior Membership:
Membership may also be granted to those individuals under the age of 18 as a 'Junior Member' who are sponsored by an ECMQG member in good standing. Junior members shall pay 50% of the regular dues amount. Junior members shall have all of the privileges of general members, but they may not hold an elected office. Junior members may, however, serve on committees.

Satellite Membership:
Satellite membership is for individuals who do not live in the immediate area who desire to be ECMQG members while visiting, vacationing, or are temporary residents. Satellite members shall pay a flat fee of $15 for six months which entitles them to membership in ECMQG and allows for participation in challenges, swaps, special events, etc. There is no affiliation to the national MQG for satellite members. If a satellite member wishes to have national MQG affiliation and participate in national MQG challenges, seminars, etc, they are required to pay the full annual dues amount.

Payment of dues is required for membership and will be set by the Executive Board. Dues will be collected annually. Members that join ECMQG midyear (after July 1st) will pay the amount set as described below. If a member withdraws from ECMQG, dues will not be prorated or refunded. Dues must be received no later than February 15th to remain a member in good standing. The decision to authorize payment arrangements for dues will be made by the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis.

Dues after mid-year (July 1st):
Members who join anytime after July 1st shall pay a flat fee of $15 that entitles them to membership in ECMQG until the start of the next fiscal year, and allows for participation in challenges, swaps, bees, special events, etc. There is no affiliation to the national MQG for midyear members. Should someone joining at the midyear rate wish to have national MQG affiliation and participate in national MQG challenges, seminars, etc, they are required to pay the full annual dues amount.

Meetings and Sew-Days:
With the exception of December, meetings are held once a month, as determined by the Executive Board. (Currently, the second Saturday of each month, beginning at 10:00 a.m.) The time of the meeting will not change unless special circumstances arise. Members may attend meetings and Sew-Days free of charge. Special meetings may be called by the President(s) or Committee Chairperson/Captain.

Guests are welcomed and encouraged. There is no charge for the first meeting. The second meeting is $5. After the second visit, guests are asked to pay full membership dues.

Guests and non-members will pay an additional $5 for Sew-Days after regular ECMQG meetings.

As we evolve and grow, changes occur.  Our intent is to meet the situations that arise from growth and change sensibly, and with clear guidelines for the future.

We look forward to sharing this next year with you!

Cindy Marvel
ECMQG Secretary

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