LOVE-ly Little Pouch Swap

I know it isn't even Christmas yet, but Valentine's Day is coming, and it's time to get ready to share the L<3VE. Our guild swap for January will be a L<3VE-ly Little Pouch Swap.

Here's a pouch I made for a swap last winter
Haven't made a pouch before?  Afraid of the zipper?  No worries.  One of the reasons for doing these swaps (besides the fact that they're fun!) is to learn new skills.  There are some great tutorials on the net.  Here are a few:

Photo courtesy of KelbySews
My favorite is from our own Kelly Bowser: and if you check her blog, she even has a video tutorial on putting in zippers.

Photo courtesy of La Bella Colori
And here is another tutorial from our own Kira Bell:

Here's a free scrappy pouch tutorial by the ever-helpful Noodlehead: 

Photo courtesy of Noodlehead
And another Noodlehead tutorial for a pouch that opens completely:

Photo courtesy of A Quilter's Table
And if you're a zipper over-achiever, here's a tutorial for a triple-zip pouch:

Photo courtesy of American Sewing Guild SLC
And if the idea of zippers still leaves you thinking "I can't do this", here's a tutorial for a snap tape pouch using a metal tape measure as a closure:

And just a word of caution... if you choose this method, do not take husband's tape measure and cut it up (you know how you feel about your scissors, right?)

There are dozens more tutorials on the web.  As you can see, little pouches are limited only by your imagination. 

To play along in the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild L<3VE-ly Little Pouch Swap, sign up in the comments below.  Be sure to tell us:

1.  Your name
2.  A color scheme you would like your partner to use - red and pink for Valentine's Day maybe?
3.  Your idea of the perfect L<3VE-ly Little Pouch
4.  The best way to contact you (you might leave your email address as  your name {at} so that spam-bots can't pick it up... Or say Facebook or Google Plus...  I had a lot of trouble with this during the last swap, so it would be helpful to know how best to contact you).

Sign ups will be open until December 25.  Partners will be assigned on December 26, so you should have 3 weeks to make your pouch.  Pouches will be presented to partners at the guild meeting on January 11, 2014.  

And now for the quilty fine print:

1.  Please use modern quilt shop quality fabrics.  (No Jo-Ann's, Hobby Lobby or other Big Box store fabric, with the possible exception of fabric by modern designers.  Jo-Ann's for example, has fabric by Denyse Schmidt, Patty Young, Juliana Horner, ModKids and Cloud 9.)  Careful fabric selection is key - we are a MODERN quilt guild, after all.

2.  Make your item the best you know how.  Be sure to make something you would like to receive.

3.  Stretch yourself a little.  Maybe try a new process or technique.  We would love to have this little swap expand your quilting horizons a bit.

4.  Be sure and say "thank you" when you receive your gift.  It's only good manners, after all.

5.  Have fun!

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  1. I'm going to be the first to enter the L<3VE-ly Little Pouch Swap
    1. Wendi Mihalik
    2. I think bright red, pink, and aqua would make a wonderful Valentine's Day pouch!
    3. I'd like a pouch that opens wide so I can see what's down there.
    4. My email is wendimihalik at yahoo.

    Your turn!

  2. This is such a great swap idea! And I really appreciate how you've explained the "quilty fine print," related to fabric. You all are going to have so much fun with this! Linda, Central Florida MQG

  3. 1. KaSandra Lee
    2. Pink, Yellow, Green and grey would be nice.
    3. I'd like the three zipper pouch so everything can have its place:)
    4. la139 at hotmail

  4. 1. Faye Nettles
    2. I am not going to be choosy about the fabric. Just make something cute.
    3. Don't like flat like envelope.
    4. Put a bird on it if you want to.

    1. The bird remark is a joke….although I do love birds.

  5. 1. Cricket Harris
    2. I like bright, bold colors.
    3. Don't really like flat like an envelope (I am with Faye on that). A wrist strap or handle would be awesome, but not a "must have."
    4. Harr703 at

  6. 1. Kira Bell
    2. Fun Whimsical Prints in any colors
    3. You choose - Have fun with it!
    4. labellacolori{at}

  7. 1. Elaine McMichael
    2. fun colors, I prefer blues, greens, purples but basically have fun with it! Not much of a red or orange person. hot pink is fun-not pastel pink. LOL!
    3. I am easy on any style or pattern. experiment!
    I have a pouch pattern that I have been wanting to do so this will "force" me to do it!

  8. 1.Yvonne Campbell
    2. I like soft colors.
    3. Be creative with the pattern.

  9. 1. Kim Godwin
    2. I love bright, cheery colors
    3. Any style will work, but I'd love a boxy pouch. Something I could use for notions and such
    4. You can reach me at kimgodwin722 at gmail dot com

  10. 1- Marcy Gallagher
    2- rich combos like eggplant, mustard and dark gray or fun brights like aqua and red
    3- a pouch with a large opening so it's easy to dig around in

  11. 1. Melissa Jennings
    2. Red, aqua, and pink
    3. A wide mouth pouch would be cool but doesn't have to be only this. I'd really like it to have a wrist strap!
    4. likelaughter at gmail dot com


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