Project Honor x + Quilt

Too bad Cindy's camera decided to act up the day these photos were taken, focusing on the raindrops instead of the quilt.  Even blurry and out of focus, you can't miss how stunning this Japanese x + block quilt is. 

After pulling less than half of these 30 blocks from our growing QOV/Project Honor block pile, we focused our efforts in May to finish this quilt.  We knew it would make a modern patriotic statement when displayed at a LQS over Memorial Day weekend and through the middle of June to Flag Day.  More importantly, we knew it needed to do what it was intended to do - honor a member of the US armed forces.

It took less than two weeks to sew the remaining blocks, purchase backing fabrics, design the quilt back, decide on the layout for the quilt top, quilt it, and bind it.  

So many people helped turn this idea into a quilt.  I know with each fabric selection and decision, each stitch, and every thought about why we were making these blocks, this quilt, this project, meant we were saying our private thank you(s) to someone who doesn't think they do anything special.   We know they do, however.  That's why we sew for Project Honor.   


Thank you for helping.  Thank you for being generous with your resources and skills.   Ask Susan about the outpouring of emotions when she gifts one of our quilts.      

Cindy and Susan
ECMQG Charity and Community Outreach 2015

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