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So you've been a member of ECMQG for awhile now.  You've had the chance to dip your toes into the modern quilting pool.  

Some of you catapulted off the high dive into the deep end without fear, while some waded in from the shallow end, but all of us are in.  

One way or another, your time with us has made you a modern quilter.  That is exciting!

How did you grow as a modern quilter in 2015?  Did you have a personal goal or accomplishment that ECMQG helped you achieve?  

It doesn't matter what size this accomplishment was - losing your fear of zippers; participating in a class that was totally out of your comfort zone; facilitating a presentation or workshop; sewing with the majority of  your stash; relishing in the quiet satisfaction of slow sewing and handwork such as binding a quilt by hand or EPP; or did you enter a swap for the first time ever?

We are here to encourage and support your sewing goals.

That 's one of that comes from gathering regularly with a group of like-minded sewists - camaraderie and encouragement.  

So tell us the next time we see you (Saturday, hopefully), what you are most proud of from this past year.

Yep, stand up and tell us.  

Then, think about what you want to accomplish in 2016 and tell us that too. 

We're listening.

We'll be there to pull you further into the deep end, or throw you a life ring.  

Here's to a creative 2016!

Natalie, Cindy, Wendi, & Nona
ECMQG Board 2016

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