Elaine's Susannah Block

Please refer to this post for our block lottery rules and expectations.  We want everyone to be happy with the quality of the blocks received, should they be the lucky winner.  

June Block Lottery - Elaine's Susannah  

This block will be 12.5” unfinished, 12” finished.  The colors are orange or yellow prints for the center triangles, Kona White, & solids in the warm palette for the outer blocks, and blue or green for the outer triangles.

Out of the white material cut 4:  3.5” x 6.5” rectangles
Out of the orange or yellow print cut 4:  3.5” x 3.5” squares
Out of the warm palette solids cut 4:  3.5” x 6.5” rectangles
Out of the blue or green prints cut 4:  3.5” x 3.5” blocks.

For the 1st set of blocks, take one yellow/orange block and 1 long white rectangle and pair them together.  Draw a line from corner to corner of the 3.5” block them stitch the 2 blocks together diagonally.  You get better results if you stitch just to the side of the line closest to the corner.  Trim at .25” and iron open.  Iron the corner seams to the yellow (dark) side.

Once all 4 blocks are sewn together, set aside & repeat the same procedure for the solid rectangle blocks and the smaller blue/green blocks.

Arrange all 8 blocks as pictured & sew 2 rectangle sets together.

Once you have 2 rectangle sets sewn together, sew 2 square blocks to make the top row & the final 2 blocks together to make the bottom row.

Iron all seams open then sew the top rectangle to the bottom rectangle and iron that seam open.

You have now completed your 1st Elaine's Susannah block!

When making my blocks I used light starch at each seam.

One last tip is to sew a second line on the inside of your corner block (see white blocks) then iron open and you will have additional ½ square triangle blocks.

1/2 of your ECMQG 2016 Block Lottery Committee

PS.  Please address all questions or comments to me, here, on the blog.  I was unable to pattern test this after I wrote the instructions.

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