Sew Day: We do. What about you?

Sew Day.  It happens after our regular meeting. 

Lots of space * Conversation * Immediate Feedback * Friends * 

Sharing * Hands on learning * Color * Inspiration * Design *

Group Projects * Uninterrupted Sewing Time*

With our busy go-go-go lives, it's treat to find dedicated time to sew, quilt, and create.  Even sweeter though, is spending a half a day with people who totally "get" you.  

Your tribe.  The other introverts or highly-likely-to-be introverts who prefer a personal craft space to almost anything else.  You know, the people like you who usually have a handwork project ready to go, to keep you occupied in meetings, waiting rooms, after school activities, or simply when you want to tune out the world.

Sew day is for you.  Trust us.

We would love to sew with you, be inspired by you, spend time with you in 2017.  

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