Knee Socks - March 2018 Block Lottery Info

We are going way back (2012) for this months block lottery, one Elizabeth Hartman originally created for the Modern Quilt Guild's website.  (Thanks for being patient while we waited for permission to link to her post.)  It is a tutorial for the Knee Socks Quilt Block, and in the version we're making, it is one of the 12.5" quadrants. 

Whether you've been a modern quilter forever or a few short months, you've probably seen a tutorial, book, pattern, or fabric line by Elizabeth.

She is talented.  

She is prolific.  She is known for her use of color and her meticulously detailed pattern writing. 

She is one of the first bloggers I followed when I started quilting.  I can't tell you the number of blocks and quilts I made using the ideas and techniques she shared.  

In choosing Knee Socks for the March Block Lottery, the skill set to master is the scant .25" seam allowance.  There are VERY GOOD tutorials online about how to do this, including tools you can buy or methods that use simple materials that might already be in your house.  Type into your search engine .25" scant seam allowance and thousands of results will populate.

Elizabeth's Knee Socks Quilt Block tutorial and pattern, a seven page PDF (I told you she was meticulous!), can be found here.  It is AMAZINGLY detailed and easy-to-follow. 

The background fabric is Kona White.  Warm colored solids (no prints) from ANY quality fabric line make up the stripes.

Please choose three colors for each 12.5" block.

The most accurate blocks I sewed for this post are the ones where I took the time to prepare my fabrics before I cut.  I pressed.  I used starch.  Even with my scraps!  It made a noticeable difference.  I really, really, really, practiced sewing with a scant .25" seam.

Both of those steps made every block after the first, the one where I used my seam ripper multiple times, easy and accurate.   

As with all of our block lottery drawings, someone is going to own a gorgeous stack of modern quilt blocks for the project of their choosing.  Is March going to be your month?  I hope so!  


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