April 2015 Block Lottery - Log Cabin with a Modern Spin!

In early January, I received this book and posted the following to our facebook group:  "Look what the mail brought!  Possibilities for another block in the future.  And of course quilts I want to add to my ever growing list of things to make…. I have actually started a list.  Hahaha!"

I knew when I saw the cover quilt it would be the inspiration for this months block.  Only the instructions were for blocks bigger than what we need.  It is an easy block, but very modern when made like the quilt pictured.  

With Kelly Biscopink's and Andie Johnson's modern spin on the traditional log cabin stuck in my head, I turned to Quilters Cache for a block size that would work.

Here is my adaptation which ends up being a 12.5" unfinished block.  

April is our annual shopping trip to A&E, which means you have time to play with this fun block and shop for new fabrics.  Just in case you need them.  

Remember to read the rules!

With the exception of the final "log", this is a good block for helping de-stash your current fabric scraps.  If your scraps run to the smaller size, like mine do, you may need to cut a longer piece!

I began by pulling colors I thought would be fun, and cut them into 1.5" strips.  The “dark” side of the block will be modern colors and patterns, while the “light” side of the block will be Kona White strips alternating with Kona Ash strips.  

The center block is a 2.5" colored square (or dark as it's referred to in most patterns).  

You will be adding strips to the outside of the center block, beginning at the top, in a series of rounds that build layers.  Four additions equal one round.  Sew, starch, press, and trim as needed after each.  I press towards the center. 

Begin by sewing a 1.5" strip of color to the top of the 2.5" center.  Sew, starch, press, and trim if necessary.  

Next add a strip of color to the right side of the block, and sew, starch, press, and trim.  

The next two strips added will be the "light" strips, either Kona White or Kona Ash (your choice), also cut into 1.5" strips.  In my example, they are the bottom and left sides.  Again, sew, starch, press, and trim when necessary.

You will continue in this manner until you have five rounds or layers on each of the four sides.  

The main thing you will need to remember when sewing your block is to keep darks on one side and lights on the opposite side.  I started with Kona White, then Kona Ash, alternating between the two and ultimately, finishing with white. You can switch the order if you choose; you want to be consistent with each side.

A few tips for making this block?  Cut your strips as correctly as you can.  Be aware of where you place them before sewing.  I always checked my example (before sewing) to make sure of my color placement.
Please hold your blocks until we meet again (formally) in May.  We will draw the block winner(s) then.  

I can’t wait to see your designs!  Happy sewing!

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