June Swap - Mini-Quilt!

The June MQS will take us on a journey into the Modern Quilt Continuum (not to be confused with the Time/Space Continuum of science fiction fame!).  

Let us boldly go where few quilters have gone before and beam right into the middle(ish) of the Continuum to explore strange new worlds of high contrast and graphic areas of solid color.  Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to seek out new ideas, move away from your quilting comfort zone, try something that you haven’t done before, be challenged… be creative... and... explore!

The mini-size of the quilt, should allow you to experiment, investigate, and examine this stop on the Modern Quilt Continuum without a huge commitment of time or expense.

The following are some links to a few examples of “high contrast and graphic areas of solid color”: 


(photos used with permission of The Modern Quilt Guild)

 Mission Guidelines:
   * Try your best to represent high contrast and graphic areas of solid color

   * Social media photos (a minimum of one) and interaction are required.  You did not travel to a black hole.  You have other mission specialists who want to see your work.  Hashtag your photos with #ecmqgjunemqs on Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr.  The more progress photos the better, because these are great forums for instant feedback.  Sharing progress is motivating.

   *Lots of wiggle room here, but it can be no smaller than 16” x 16” and no larger than 24” x 24”.  It does not have to be square.

 *Use only quilt shop quality SOLID fabrics.  No prints.  No tonals.  No batiks. 

   *Label your quilt.  You must include your name, quilt name, and any other information you feel will be of interest to the new owner.

This is an unpartnered swap.  There is no sign-up requirement, and you will not be creating for someone else’s likes or style.  You are sewing as defined in the Mission Guidelines.  That’s it.  Once you’ve accepted the challenge and have sewn to the best of your ability, bring your mini to the June meeting where we will swap with other daring specialists who made the journey to the center(ish) of the Modern Quilting Continuum. 

I hope that you are as excited about this swap as I am!

Live long and prosper!


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