We're Starting a Bee

Remember the list of goals we brainstormed about at the January meeting?  If you don't, or weren't in attendance, you can see them here.  

In two short months, we've crossed several off the list.

The memorial quilt designed and sewn for Emerald Coast Hospice was presented this weekend.  It's beautiful.  Natalie will tell us all about it Saturday.  

Laraine organized our first swap of the year, the text-y and typography F8 swap last month.  I think we can call it successful, because, look at all of the great fabric!

While we didn't host a QAL as Kira suggested, we had decent representation for Kelly's Pixelated Heart QAL.  To varying degrees.  Going forward, we'll need to work on details and drumming up enthusiasm for the finish.  However, the quilt tops, incomplete as they are, really.are.gorgeous.  


All of this brings us to the next goal, one that will last six months (April through September) and ideally, involve 18 to 24 ECMQG'rs.  We are, because Wendi put it on the January list, starting a guild-only quilting bee!  In addition to becoming better acquainted and sewing quilt blocks for your friends, participating in this bee also touches on one of the goals Cindy mentioned - making more collaborative quilts.  

The best explanation of bees and how they might be organized was published almost four years ago by Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color.  Rachel is also the founder of the most well known online charity quilting bee, do. Good Stitches which operates over on Flickr.  

Her post from April 2012 can be found here.  Please take the time to read it. She talks about what exactly a quilting bee is, the structure of a bee, how to start a bee, etc., and she shows some of the quilts made by various do. Good Stitches circles.

If you are as excited about the next communal activity as we are, come prepared to sign-up.  Remember, there is nothing to lose.  However, by joining, you'll find a whole lot of creativity waiting to be unleashed. 

We will see you Saturday.

Natalie, Cindy, Wendi, and Kira
ECMQG Executive Board 2016


  1. Count me in! I was so happy Wendi mentioned this in January; it's something I've wanted to do for awhile.

  2. I won't be at the meeting on Saturday, but count me as well! This sounds like a great idea. -Suzie McDaniel

  3. Although I may miss Augusts meeting I am very interesting in participating! Count me in too!
    Jo Miller
    PS. Can I be in a group with Susan McDuffie?

  4. I'm excited to join in on the bees! I should be there tomorrow, but if my migraine clears up I might not make it.
    Ps - would love to be in a group with Cindy.


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